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Did you know that fewer than 2% of women owned business earn $1 million or more. Or that female investors in the U.S. account for just 16.1% of VC decision-makers and that 95.5% of VC firms have a majority male population of decision-makers. At least the number of women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies finally surpassed the 10% mark (10.1%) after being stuck between 8% and 9% for years. But is that a figure really worth celebrating?

It's no secret that women face challenges in the business world that stem from hundreds of years of imbalanced gender dynamics.

But times, they are a changin'. As part of our diverse founders series. HubSpot for Startups is proud to present our Women Founders Stories Hub. Here you will be able to find quick and easy access to the growing library of stories we're telling about our women partners and customers. Even though we're launching it during International Women's month, it will continue to grow and expand well beyond March.

And being true to the name of the month, the stories we're telling are truly international. We have stories from the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia to share. So, bookmark this site. Better yet, sign up below and be notified as new content is added.

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Katherine and Gabby

Building a Freelance Creative Studio for B2B Enterprise Clients

Katherine Boyarsky & Gabby Pinto, co-founders of CXD Studio, share their experience building their freelance business into an agency-caliber studio.

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Flipping the Script on Investor Pitches with Kadeya Founder Manuela Zoninsein

Manuela Zoninsein, CEO and founder of sustainable solutions startup Kadeya, is flipping the script on investor pitches and paving the way for female entrepreneurs.

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Suneera Madhani

Suneera Madhani - Unicorn Founder

Suneera worked in fin-tech and had an idea for a payments platform she pitched to her bosses. When they snickered at her idea, she decided to do it on her own and founded Stax. Hers in an incredible story of a daughter of an immigrant family who went on to build a billion-dollar business. In her next chapter with CEO School she plans to take as many women along for the ride as possible.

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Dawn Dickson

Dawn Dickson - PopCom

Dawn Dickson is a serial entrepreneur who has been featured on the Forbes Next 1000 list, and was the first woman to raise over $1 million in crowdfunding. She is the very embodiment of perseverance. Watch several videos of Dawn in action, including a "first-look" clip from season 2 of "Spiraling Up".

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Paving the Way for Digital Health with Speedoc Co-founder Serene Cai

Serene Cai, co-founder of Speedoc, a leading digital health startup in Singapore, is helping to pave the way for the future of digital healthcare.

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codary co-founders

Gaming EdTech with codary co-founders Antonia Schein & Amanda Maiwald

Antonia Schein and Amanda Maiwald, co-founders of the EdTech startup codary, are teaching youth how to code in a unique and playful way. (pictured here with 3rd co-founder Nikolaij Bewer)

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Sophie Winwood on Fintech, VCs, & Passion for Inclusion & Empowerment

Discovering, evaluating, and executing early-stage FinTech and InsurTech investments is the name of the game for Sophie Winwood. She's also a co-founder in the WVC:E Summit for women entrepreneurs.

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Empowering Females in Tech & Innovation with Carina Klaffl

Carina Klaffl, Co-CEO of Vienna-based startup Female Founders, shares her passion for empowering entrepreneurial females in tech and innovation.

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Dannie Herzberg

Paving the Way for Women Founders with Dannie Herzberg of Sequoia Capital

Dannie Herzberg, Partner at venture capital firm, Sequoia Capital, is paving the way for the next generation of women founders and investors.

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More Women Founder Stories

Read and watch the stories of other amazing founders, investors, and VCs throughout the HubSpot community and ecosyste.

me & u CEO Kim Teo (center)

Kim Teo, co-founder of global restaurant payment processor Mr. Yum, becomes CEO of me & U when the two companies merge.


Mandy Price - CEO Kanarys

Mandy is CEO and co-founder of Kanarys, and DEI technology and consulting firm. Her story is the second episode in the the "Spiraling Up" docu-series produced by HubSpot for Startups and LinkedIn. Watch her full episode and see additional bonus interview segments.


Marta Forero

Marta is the co-founder of Ubits, often referred to as the "Lynda" for Latin America.