Today, HubSpot customers will get even better visibility into who is visiting their web sites and what companies may be hot leads via an enhanced Prospects Application.

Prospects is an integrated HubSpot tool that allows marketers and sales teams to map anonymous site visits to actual companies.  This lets you identify potential target customers as well as understand whether their account penetration activities are working before someone ever converts on a landing page. 
HubSpot Prospects Overview 

The key elements of today's release include:

Enhanced Company Information

  • Detailed Company Name -- The Prospects Application now provides more detailed business names based on IP address. For example: in the past, a prospect visit might be identified as CICTR, but today, more granular information indicating that the visit came from the Cambridge Innovation Center can be provided.
  • Prospect Company Visits Segmented by Unique Visitor & Visit History -- For any given prospect company, one or more visitors may have viewed the web site. The new application shows the visits and page view history for each unique, making it easier for a sales person to build a picture of a visitor's unique interests and understand the temperature of a given prospect company.

HubSpot Prospects Detail

Shareable URL for Easy Sales Communication

  • A unique URL is provided for each prospect record and can be shared via email or other tools, making it easier for leads to be distributed to sale reps.

Additionally, the refreshed UI is more responsive and provides access to valuable information in even fewer clicks.

To learn more about HubSpot's Prospects Application, please join us for our weekly product webinar or consider taking a free 7 Day Trial of HubSpot's software.

Originally published Mar 24, 2010 9:16:00 AM, updated January 17 2023


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