Kishore came to US to do his MBA and took a break from school to start Goldcast. Along with his two co-founders, he saw an opportunity to make digital events a key revenue driving channel for B2B marketers. He believes in the power of brand and obsesses over how great brands like Nike and Apple created a movement through great marketing. His larger mission is to ensure his teammates are able to fulfill their personal and professional goals by being part of the company’s journey.

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HubSpot for Startups and LinkedIn have come together to bring the startup community this inspiring 3-season documentary film series showcasing the stories of starup founders at various stages of funding and development. Season 1 launched last fall with four stories (including TWO unicorn founders). Season 2 launched June 2023 with the story of Dawn Dickson. Kishore and Goldcast's story is the second of a 3-episode season 2. Stay tuned next month for the third and final episode of season 3 when we feature the story of G2 co-founder and CEO Godard Abel.

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