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Landing Pages

Built to drive conversions

Create beautiful landing pages in seconds

Easily create beautiful mobile optimized landing pages, tailored to every individual visitor.

Integrate forms and Calls-to-Action with one-click

Integrate dynamic forms and CTAs that adapt to each visitor without any code and convert all the traffic you’ve generated with HubSpot.

Create Landing Pages Easily within HubSpot

Turn prospects into leads, and leads into customers. With HubSpot Landing Pages your content is integrated into a full-funnel marketing system, so you can edit, manage, personalize, and promote content without code and all-in-one system.

So, what makes us different?

Make Content more Personal

Tailor your content, forms, and CTAs based on a visitors location, source, device, buying stage, and more. Gather more information about prospects using relevant forms that never ask the same question twice.

Integrated With Your Funnel

Your landing pages are automatically integrated with the rest of the HubSpot Marketing Platform to create one experience for your prospects, and one tool for your team.

Optimized for Search

Improve your page ranking and organic traffic with automatic as-you-type search recommendations. Get a tailored “to do” list for driving traffic to every page.

Create Content that Generates Conversions

  • Create content and add images, forms, directly on the page. Instantly preview how your page looks on any device before publishing.

    Easily Build Landing Pages in HubSpot
  • Build relevant content and forms that are optimized for conversions. Tailor the page to individuals based on location, device, buyer stage, referral source, and any custom information in your HubSpot contact record.

    Smart Content for HubSpot Landing Pages
  • A/B test every element of your page, including headlines, images, calls-to-action, and more. See which version drives the most conversions, leads, and customers - there’s no need to make decisions on a hunch; use data to decide what works.

    A/B Test Your HubSpot Landing Pages
Easily Build Landing Pages in HubSpot Smart Content for HubSpot Landing Pages A/B Test Your HubSpot Landing Pages

PTT Research increased qualified leads for sales 700% using HubSpot Landing Pages.

Manage and Measure Your Content

HubSpot Calendar to Manage and Schedule Content HubSpot Landing Page Dashboard HubSpot Sources Report - See What is Driving Conversions
  • With the built-in Calendar you can coordinate campaigns, and assign tasks across your blog, landing pages, email, and social channels then schedule content to be published in one-click.

    HubSpot Calendar to Manage and Schedule Content
  • Easily see which landing pages are driving new leads, and customers in one centralized place. Dig-deeper and identify visits, contacts, and customers generated through each landing pages, then generate lists for content targeting or email.

    HubSpot Landing Page Dashboard
  • Start from pre-built attribution reports, or build your own custom report to see frequently viewed pages that generate leads, and the highest converting pages and channels. Professional customers receive Attribution Reports Lite.

    HubSpot Sources Report - See What is Driving Conversions


Onpage WYSIWYG Editor

What You See is What You Get with the HubSpot onpage editor. Reduce hassles with formatting, and build beautiful websites that work.

Integrated Forms

Manage all your website content from one dashboard. View a simple list of all your pages, or view your entire site tree.

Integrated Calls-to-Action

Add a Calls to Action (CTA) to your page with one-click. Create image-based, or button-based CTAs without any design or coding skills needed.

Landing Page Dashboard

Manage all your content from one dashboard. View a list of all your pages. Sort by campaign, publish state, last updated date, and name.

A/B Testing [Enterprise]

A/B test everything on your page from headlines to images, and more. See which version generated more leads, contacts, and customers and use data to power your decisions.

SEO Optimization

Optimize your landing pages for organic traffic with automatic as-you-type SEO recommendations and suggestions.

Starting at $200 / month. Included in Basic, Professional, and Enterprise.

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