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List Segmentation

Create a list of contacts or companies based on property values and other characteristics, including activities, to deliver personalized marketing campaigns.

Get started with HubSpot's list segmentation features.
  • This feature is available for free, with additional functionality in premium editions of HubSpot. See the pricing page for more information. 

    • Segment your contact lists using a wide variety of criteria, based on the data already stored in your HubSpot CRM 
    • Lists are automatically updated as contact records change, which means you’re always working with the most up-to-date information 
    • Get hyper-targeted with your emails using multiple fields to slice-and-dice your contact lists to show exactly the audience you want to contact


  1. Segment lists to deliver personalized emails at scale.

    Your customers and prospects are constantly giving you information about what they’re interested in, and each data point can help you tailor your marketing efforts to their needs. 

    List segmentation helps you create lists of contacts based on a wide variety of criteria: from age to most recent content download to expected deal size. Use these lists to automate your email marketing efforts and send your contacts the most relevant and personalized information.


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  1. Send the most relevant content at the right time.

    Want to reach out to this weeks’ leads with more information? Or do you need to contact all customers who have been with you for over 10 years?

    With lead segmentation, you can create time-based lists that make sure you’re right on time with your messaging.
  2. Create lists based on multiple criteria for more personalized marketing.

    Prospects, ages 18-35, in North America who have downloaded your most recent ebook and not talked to sales yet.

    With list segmentation you can target exactly the audience you want to speak to. Choose any of the fields in your HubSpot CRM to further segment your contact lists as needed.
  3. Segment lists with up-to-date contact information.

    Send customers the information they need based on their current lifecycle stage.

    HubSpot lists are always up-to-date because they’re powered by your CRM data. Every click, action, and conversation automatically updates your lists, so you’re always working with the most up-to-date contact data.
  4. Automatically update lists when contact information changes.

    Outdated lists can mean sending irrelevant information to prospects that have already converted or customers on different plans.

    HubSpot’s active lists automatically update when contact information changes. New contacts are added and contacts that no longer meet the criteria are removed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • List segmentation is the ability to separate out your bulk list of email subscribers into more targeted, specific groups. The intention behind list segmentation is delivering content to your subscribers that feels relevant and meaningful to them in order to keep your content engagement high.


    Lists could be segmented based on demographic, spending behaviors, product tiering, or even actions with your marketing content. For instance, some SaaS companies may choose to create a segmented list specifically for individuals that signed up for a trial and never took action on it.


    HubSpot’s integrated list segmentation tool allows you to pull from user information within HubSpot CRM, and create hyper-segmented lists using multiple parameters for creation. This allows you to reach your users in exactly the ways that feel best to them.

  • Popular HubSpot list segmentation features include:

    • Integration with your CRM to automatically pull user data. 
    • Multiple criteria options for creating segmented lists.
    • Automatic contact record updates to ensure your lists are always relevant.
    • Time-base triggering and segmentation means messages will always get delivered at the right time.
    • Unlimited lists.
  • HubSpot’s list segmentation is part of Marketing Hub, and you can get started with it for free. If you’re looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your marketing operations, HubSpot also offers premium features with Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Marketing Hub.

  • Because it uses information from your CRM, list segmentation is almost instantaneous to set up. Simply connect the CRM, and you can get going creating your lists. If you don’t already have data within your CRM, it may take longer to create your lists.

  • All HubSpot accounts include access to our free online form builder. Choose from thousands of pre-set fields and dozens of question types to create the perfect form. Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to design your form, and you can add your form directly into your squeeze page, no developer assistance required.

  • Check out our App Marketplace to browse the hundreds of third-party software you can integrate HubSpot with.