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Ensure peak site performance and security by monitoring what account users access and change on your website.

Activity Logs | HubSpot
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Track changes to your site as they occur.

Never worry about how a change was made to your website again.

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An activity log that gives technical teams insight into everyday website changes.

  1. Manage team permissions | HubSpot

    Manage team permissions with ease.

    Ensure that members of your team only have access to the tools and features they need within HubSpot.

    Set granular permissions for every member of your team, or create user roles to give groups of users within your HubSpot account the same set of permissions across tools. With activity logs, combined with team and user permissions, you’ll be able to monitor who has access to what within HubSpot, and quickly make adjustments as needed to ensure your team can operate as quickly and securely as possible.

  2. Activity Logs | HubSpot

    Understand the changes your team is making.

    Monitor changes that your team is making to your HubSpot-hosted pages, blogs, modules, and more. Quickly see what content was edited, published, or deleted, and take action if needed. Share this information with team managers so they can keep tabs on how their teams are working within HubSpot.

  3. Website Security & Performance | HubSpot

    Get peace of mind on website security and performance.

    Get granular permissions and audit logs so you can keep track of users within your account, along with the necessary systems to ensure the performance of your site at all times.

    Through a globally distributed CDN, 24/7 security and threat monitoring, and much more, HubSpot provides you with all the tools you need to ensure your site is constantly at peak performance while taking the security of your content and data seriously.

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Premium content management software that makes it easy to grow better.

SEO recommendations & optimizations

Easily see how you can improve your site and take action, all in one place with the SEO recommendations & optimizations home screen.

Website themes

Use one of HubSpot’s pre-built website themes with the option for custom development. Build a cohesive site without worrying about mismatched designs, logos, or navigations.

Multi-language content creation & testing

Easily manage multiple language domains and optimize each one for SEO. Allow users to toggle between languages.

Drag-and-drop editor

Update and create pages without a developer’s help or custom code. Publishing changes on the fly has never been easier.

Adaptive testing

Continuously optimize your website with ease. Choose up to five variations of a page, and HubSpot will monitor and serve up the best performing option.


Go beyond simply password protecting pages. Create membership-based content that creates a truly personalized and out-of-the-box website experience. No plugins required.

Local website development

Leverage tools like GitHub to handle version control, and make changes to web assets as you’re ready.

Dynamic content with HubDB

Build data tables that can be updated to push global site updates for content that appears on multiple pages. Great for calendars, product catalogs, pricing data, and more.

Serverless functions

Add interactive elements like event registrations, guest books, and calculators, without configuring an external server, SSL certificate, or data transfer processes.

24/7 security monitoring & threat detection

Our security team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your site with automated and manual checks for attacks, potential abuse, or other anomalies.

Content delivery network & custom CDN configuration

Your site remains active and visitors never experience downtime through our global CDN, built to handle high levels of traffic. A custom CDN configuration is also available.

Standard SSL certificate

Your site will be automatically provisioned with a standard SSL certificate to create greater trust between your brand and website visitors and increase your Google ranking.

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