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Activity Logs

Keep track of the changes made to your website with activity log software from HubSpot.

  • Track access to tools and features for each teammate

  • Set up permissions for individuals or user roles

  • Monitor changes to pages and keep track of who is doing what

  1. Track website changes with activity log software.

    Avoid unnecessary technical issues and gain visibility into who is making changes to your business’ website by keeping track of access to different features and tools.

    With HubSpot's online activity log software, holding your team accountable becomes effortless. You can easily determine which team members are updating blog posts, making changes to images, and more.

  1. Manage website permissions the way you want to.

    With HubSpot’s website activity log, you can control what content different team members can access and whether or not they can change it. You can set permissions individually or assign user roles and change things for specific groups.
  2. Know who edits your pages and when.

    Track changes to HubSpot-hosted blogs, pages, and more. You can see what content was edited, published, or deleted and take action if you need to. You can also share the information from the activity log software so your team has a better idea of the performance of each team member.
  3. Make website security stress-free.

    With granular permissions and audit logs, you can keep track of different users and systems to ensure things are performing as expected. With a globally distributed CDN and 24/7 security, HubSpot has you covered. Our activity log software is only part of how we keep your website secure.

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