Database Driven Content

Build data tables using HubDB that make updating content across your entire site quick and easy. Make a change in one place, and see that change reflected wherever you reference your data table.

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Scale Your Content Creation with Dynamic Data Tables

Go beyond creating a static website to create dynamic elements that meet your customers’ needs

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Dynamic content that meets the needs of your growing business.

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    Content that any marketer can control.

    Managing dynamic content across your website doesn’t have to be difficult.

    Whether you want to create an event listing, a product catalog, or an employee listing, HubDB tables make the process of updating content across your site simple. Any marketer can update information within your HubDB table, and publish updates to anywhere the table is referenced across your site in just a few clicks. 

    With HubDB you can create a dynamic page for every row in your data table. Each dynamic page includes its own unique, SEO-friendly URL, and offers page-specific analytics so you can monitor the performance of your content like you would any other page hosted on CMS Hub.

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    A lightweight database to store your content.

    When you use the HubDB API, it is easy for developers to set marketers up for success.  

    Create your first table and easily define the structure of your data through columns that fit your business needs. Your marketer can quickly add rows, update column cells natively within HubSpot, or you can leverage the HubDB API. Reference your data table on any page using HubL, or, fetch data from your table using the HubDB API for use anywhere. As you continue to make updates to your data table, those changes will automatically be reflected across any page or module that references the table.

    With your data table in place marketers can now take ownership of the data within the table, ensuring your  website is constantly up to date.

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    Control access to your data.

    HubDB tables hold a wealth of information within them. We make sure that you have granular control over who has access to your data tables, who can make updates to these tables, and how these tables can be updated.

    Within user permissions, you can control everything from who has access to HubDB, to who can publish changes to a HubDB table. You can also set ‘write only’ permissions so you can review changes to a HubDB table before they go live.

    Control how data is updated within your HubDB table. Turn on or off public API access based on your business’ needs, and determine whether or not you want every row within your HubDB table to create its own dynamic page. With HubSpot, you have total control over your dynamic content.

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