-- HubSpot Integrates with Salesforce.com Enabling Closed Loop Marketing--

News Facts

  • Increasingly, the customer is taking control of the sales and marketing process, forcing marketers to rethink outbound or interruption based marketing techniques like cold calling, direct mail and email blasts.
  • The historic disconnect between the marketing and sales departments have rendered both functions less effective based on an imperfect exchange of information.
  • HubSpot Professional is an inbound Internet marketing system that enables closed loop marketing, linking lead intelligence from your website to Salesforce.com and generating marketing reports showing which leads or campaigns produced actual customers.
  • HubSpot Professional offers the following benefits to marketers and salespeople:
  • Closed Loop Reporting - HubSpot Professional tracks the original campaign or source of leads from website visits through to closed deals. As such, marketers can analyze which marketing programs are the most successful and which ones are not performing.
  • Leads De-Duplicated - Regardless of how many times a prospect comes to your website, HubSpot Professional creates only one lead profile in Salesforce.com, removing time and effort from manual de-duplication processes.
  • Enhanced Lead Intelligence - HubSpot Professional provides salespeople with critical information on a prospect's activity such as how they came to the website, what pages they viewed and what information they requested, all updated constantly over time. This allows the sales force to focus on more qualified leads resulting in a higher lead close rate.
  • HubSpot Professional has easy-to-use tools for search engine optimization (SEO), creating web content including a blog, and leveraging social media making it easier for your company to get found by prospects online. HubSpot Professional helps you convert more of these prospects into leads and customers through landing pages, lead intelligence and marketing analytics.
  • Starting today HubSpot Professional is open to the public for demonstrations and sales.
  • Pricing for HubSpot Professional is $750 per month.

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Quote, attributable to Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder, HubSpot

"Marketing and sales are inexorably linked yet historically both functions have been unable to fully leverage their mutual abilities. HubSpot Professional allows marketing and sales to work in tandem resulting in a more efficient and more successful customer acquisition process. With closed loop marketing, both departments continually improve their activities leading to an ever improving lead conversion rate."

Quote, attributable to Art Gehring, Director of Marketing, Makana Solutions, Inc.

"In our first three months of using HubSpot, the number of visitors to our website increased 75 percent. So when HubSpot Professional became available, we jumped on board immediately. The implementation took under an hour, and we saw the lead intelligence right away. Based on the closed loop marketing analysis in HubSpot Professional, we are already starting to optimize our marketing and sales activities to help us acquire customers more efficiently."

About HubSpot

HubSpot is an inbound marketing system that helps your company get found online, generate more inbound prospects and convert a higher percentage of them into leads and customers. HubSpot helps companies get found by more prospects using search engine optimization and marketing, leveraging blogs and the blogosphere and engaging in online social media. By using landing pages, lead intelligence and marketing analytics, HubSpot customers convert more prospects into leads and customers. Based in Cambridge MA, HubSpot Internet marketing can be found at http://www.hubspot.com and the Website Grader free marketing tool is available at http://www.websitegrader.com.

Originally published Apr 15, 2008 11:17:00 AM, updated January 17 2023


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