HubSpot announced today that its collection of HubSpot Connect integrations is now available to all current and future users of its free Marketing products.

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While these integrations were previously only available for paying customers or CRM users, this update introduces over 100 software integrations to the hundreds of thousands of HubSpot free users. These businesses can now use applicable integrations with HubSpot to power their growth, helping all companies, big and small, build a single, unified view of the customer across all the tools and systems they use.  

“In the past, small businesses had a clear advantage, they could provide more personal service - walk in the door and they know your name. In some ways, the internet took that advantage away from SMBs and handed it to the big businesses who have mastery over technology. With this move, we’re helping SMBs reclaim that advantage and giving them a way to marry their tools together and improve the customer experience.”

- Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot.

As part of the expansion of the program, HubSpot Marketing Free users who also grow through event marketing with HubSpot Connect partner Eventbrite can now automatically import event registrants from Eventbrite into HubSpot. The integration shares contacts and records Eventbrite event registration data on the contact timeline in HubSpot. With both tools working together, teams can quickly turn event attendees into prospects in HubSpot and eventually paying customers. Together, HubSpot and Eventbrite are helping organizations big and small to coordinate their marketing efforts and provide a cohesive customer experience.

“We've been pleased with the success of HubSpot's integration, and the value it's delivered to Eventbrite customers. It helps marketers maximize the impact gained from events they're hosting, and allows them to connect with their attendees and customer community in more meaningful ways," said Scott Van Brunt, Head of Partnerships at Eventbrite. "Extending the integration to include HubSpot's free product suite will put even more sophisticated marketing and CRM tools into the hands of our event creators, helping leverage the time and resources they invest into delivering great live experiences."

Now live, all HubSpot Marketing Free and Starter customers will see a new integrations tab in HubSpot. From this tab or the external integrations listing they’ll be able to easily find and connect certified Connect integrations to augment their marketing and sales capabilities as they grow.

“This update also means that HubSpot Connect partners will have access to tens of thousands of new potential users. When developers build on HubSpot, they are creating something that can be available to our entire customer base. This means access to the largest and most complete CRM for SMB and the mid-market.”

- Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot.

Bringing HubSpot Connect and integrations to free users is the latest step in HubSpot’s evolution towards becoming a platform company. In addition to adding more than 65 new integrations to the program earlier this year, the company also introduced its “Pledge to Integration Partners,”a credo for SaaS companies embracing the realities of competition and what HubSpot strives to honor for its technology partners as it scales its ecosystem of integrations. With more software tools becoming available each day, it’s HubSpot’s goal to point users towards the best options, make sure that they are able to connect systems, and share a single unified view of the customer as they grow.

To learn more about HubSpot Connect and all the new integrations available to Marketing free users such as Zapier, SurveyMonkey, and GoToWebinar, please visit

Originally published Dec 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM, updated January 19 2023


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