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Pledge to Our App Partners


BRAD COFFEY | Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot 

"At HubSpot, we’re building an ecosystem of valuable integrations for our customers. This is HubSpot’s credo for technology companies embracing the realities of competition and what we pledge to honor for our app partners in the process."

Our mission is to build an ecosystem of valuable integrations for our customers by:

customer-orange.png Solving for the (joint) customer, first.
chart-orange.png Investing in the app partner's success.
light-bulb-orange.png Supporting developers and enabling innovation.
  • We welcome anyone to build on our platform. But we will hold our partners to a set of minimum requirements before marketing their solutions to our customers. We want to ensure that not only the integration but also the partner's business supports our customers.

    This builds customer trust for everyone in our ecosystem.
  • We won't restrict our product team from building something simply because a partner offers a similar feature. Our platform must evolve to meet the changing needs of customers in order for our larger ecosystem to thrive for the long term.

    Solving for the customer and supporting our partners are almost always mutually reinforcing missions, but when we must make a trade-off, we will solve for the customer first.
  • It’s the customer’s prerogative to choose the best solution for their needs. We are solving for the customer’s preference without forcing them to adopt one specific solution.



"HubSpot integrations allow us to partner with the leading technologies in the field to propel our capabilities and therefore, provide even more value for our customers over time. This creates an ever-expanding universe of revolutionary tools through their App Partner Program."

  • We will strive to develop an all-inclusive network for our app partners that not only grants technical access, but marketing, community, and event access as well through our app partner benefitsWe won’t prevent app partners from talking to each other or to other partners (i.e. agency partners) in our network -- in fact, we encourage it.
  • We will do our best to let an app partner know (under NDA) if we plan to enter a space they are in. We aren’t interested in blindsiding our partners. Not fun.
  • We won’t take unfair advantage of our platform ownership simply because we want to sell more of our own stuff. This means not restricting public APIs or throttling specific app partners. That wouldn't SFTC because it stifles innovation.

    We will strive to make our platform a level playing field across app partners so that we don’t deliberately penalize a partner (via pricing or commissions) to push them out of the market.

    We will treat prospective and shared customers routed from our integration partners as someone coming through our funnel directly. 


DANNY WAJCMAN | COO & Co-Founder at Lucky Orange 

"The true test of how partnerships will go, can be seen very clearly early on by how much a company is willing to invest in their partnership programs. Having worked with many 3rd parties through integrations, working with HubSpot was a true breath of fresh air. The resources they make available to you getting started from both a technical perspective, but even more so from a people perspective, is incredibly encouraging and supportive. The team at HubSpot puts the people first." 



  • We will strive to support development by creating helpful documentation and forumsWe will take periodic developer NPS and speak directly with integration partner developers to understand the good and the bad of building on our platform. This feedback informs our platform roadmap, which we’ll share openly as much as possible.



"HubSpot offers a tremendous developer platform which allowed us to easily build new and exciting features for our customers. When investing in partnerships, we look for opportunities to efficiently bring video marketing data from our product directly into a third party platform; along with a comprehensive and well-documented API that lets us seamlessly sync profile and activity data  — HubSpot gave us that and more."