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Adam W | HubSpot CRM Review

Adam W |

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Tons of Potential!

After years of using Salesforce, I welcomed the opportunity to test HubSpot new CRM. Within minutes (and without training) I was able to navigate through the software and get a real feel for the product. Now that I've had more time to play, I feel the best feature is the ability to create and incorporate custom properties into lead profile interfaces without having to contact an administrator and waiting days or even weeks.

Kieran G | HubSpot CRM Review

Kieran G |

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Great for smaller businesses

We needed a CRM and we tried a whole bunch. This platform definitely helped us while we're starting out and does most of the functions we've needed. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a pretty basic, easy to use CRM.

Jessie-Lee N | HubSpot CRM Review

Jessie-Lee N |

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User Friendly - Even for the non-sales folks!

The best part about the HubSpot CRM is that I actually use it. We previously used Salesforce and it was so foreign to me that I rarely ever logged in. Since the HubSpot CRM is connected right from the marketing dashboard I toggle back and forth constantly.

Aaron M | HubSpot CRM Review

Aaron M |

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Feel Confident That HubSpot's CRM Will Be Warmly Welcomed By Your Sales & Marketing Teams

From a business stand point; I like the way it lends itself to company culture adoption. Often times with CRMs, the biggest challenge businesses face is getting their sales and marketing teams to use the CRM day in and day out to deliver the results they're looking for. Low internal adoption rates combined with the rising costs of CRM software solutions, equals immense pressure to deliver a return on their investment. HubSpot's CRM gives sales & marketing personnel of all experience levels an easy to use, highly intuitive and logical interface, that makes the likelihood of full adoption high.

Doug D | HubSpot CRM Review

Doug D |

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HubSpot CRM Multiplies Productivity, While Providing Sales Intel & Insights

The CRM is the first CRM I've ever used (and I've been involved with CRMs since the days of Act! for Microsoft DOS) that I actually enjoy using. It's built from the perspective of a salesperson and it makes them more productive. It's simple and intuitive with tremendous power "under the hood". The calling feature is a joy to work with and the ability to autofill and search company info saves time and helps with prospecting and opportunity management.

Craig L | HubSpot CRM Review

Craig L |

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Great Product To Get Started with a CRM

I love that it is built to work with the HubSpot leads that are generated through our sites and works with the tools with the lead nurturing and automation tools. For our company, it is a good stepping stone into using the CRM because it shows the value of a CRM to our sales team without requiring all of the extra input of entering each new lead, since HubSpot adds them for us. This automation is what will likely make the CRM work for us where others have not been a fit.