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Create Content for Your Entire Customer Journey

Fuel the entire customer journey with content across formats and channels with Content Hub, the all-in-one, AI-powered content marketing software.


Woman sitting with laptop and text blocks showing content you can create with Content Hub: Social posts, create an image, blog posts.

Create Content the New Way

Content used to be a volume game: Create (lots of) blog posts, drive clicks, generate leads. But the game is changing. Today, marketers must create engaging and valuable content for their customers across various channels to appeal to their needs throughout the customer journey. With this different demand for content, it can be challenging to support consistency and quality.

Content Hub’s AI-powered content tools help your team ‌create high-quality content seamlessly. Whether it's blog posts, podcasts, or social posts, learn how you can use Content Hub to revolutionize your content creation process.

1. Create multi-channel content at scale.
2. Create content that speaks to each user with personalization.
3. Use AI to stay on brand as you scale your content output.

Content Hub remix flow showing different types of content you can create from one asset.

1. Create multi-channel content at scale.

Creating, editing, and publishing a single piece of content can take hours or weeks depending on the complexity of the subject and the number of editors‌ involved. Content Hub makes it easier to take existing assets and spin them into new formats for different audiences and channels.
  • Easily repurpose content using AI by simply inputting an existing asset and choosing the desired transformation. Use Content Hub’s remix tool to convert a blog into a compelling landing page, transform text into engaging images, or turn one piece of content into social posts for every platform.
  • Use AI to narrate blog posts or create podcasts to expand your audience to those who prefer audio content.
Build and manage your HubSpot website without code. Build your company website using drag and drop. Mockup showing HubSpot's website editor.

2. Create content that speaks to each user with personalization.

Create content for customers, not clicks. Content Hub makes it easy to stand out from the competition with personalization features designed to drive higher conversion rates and cultivate stronger customer relationships.

  • Use smart content to dynamically tailor website content to individual visitors.
  • Use content embeds to easily create and maintain content across various pages and websites — even WordPress sites — while keeping everything in sync from one central source.
  • Decrease dev and design bottlenecks with intuitive drag-and-drop editing features for your website,  blog, and more.
Brand voice generator and editor

3. Use AI to stay on brand as you scale your content output.

With different authors, multiple channels, and more content, staying on brand becomes increasingly difficult.

Content Hub can help reduce editing bottlenecks and keep your publication cadence on track with AI.

  • Use brand voice software to train an AI on your brand's voice and tone to edit existing content for consistency.
  • As the AI becomes proficient in your brand voice, use AI content creation tools to automatically generate copy in your brand's voice and style.

Within the first 6 months of using HubSpot content tools, customers saw:

Create content for every stage of the customer journey with Content Hub.

Easily create personalized content experiences that drive engagement across your entire customer journey with tools that help you scale your content output, personalize each user’s experience, and stay on brand while you’re doing it.

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