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Website Platform

Easily manage, optimize, and personalize your website. By powering your site with HubSpot's Website Add-On, building beautiful web pages is a breeze, mobile optimization is automatic, and tailoring content to every visitor is a snap.

Powering thousands of websites worldwide, including:

The Website Platform integrates your content with HubSpot’s full-funnel marketing software, optimizes it for search, and tailors your website to individual visitors. All from the start.

So, what makes us different?

Integrated with every marketing channel

HubSpot is a full-funnel marketing platform. That means all of your tools are in one place, working together, so your customers get a seamless experience from email to social to web.

Drag-and-Drop Website Templates

Create new templates using drag-and-drop, and easily apply across every page of your website. Or, download a template from the thousands on the Marketplace and get started right away.

Optimized for search and security

With automated SEO recommendations and optimization built in to your webpages, and SSL included, your website will rank well and be secure from any potential threats. We've got your back.

Tools that make your website work for you

  • Create content directly on your page with a brand-new inline editor. Easily drag-and-drop elements of the page for customizing page content and design and content and design and content and design.

    HubSpot Website Platform - Build an Easy to Use Website that Works
  • Create new layouts and page structures using a simple drag-and-drop template builder. Easily add CTAs, forms, and more without any code.

    HubSpot Website Platform - Easily Edit Content
  • Built using responsive design, your website, landing pages, blog and email will automatically adjust to the device your visitor is using. No additional work, or code, required.

    HubSpot Website Platform - Automatically Optimize Your Website for Mobile
HubSpot Website Platform - Build an Easy to Use Website that Works HubSpot Website Platform - Easily Edit Content HubSpot Website Platform - Automatically Optimize Your Website for Mobile

On average, customers who use the HubSpot Website Platform to power their inbound marketing generate 10-20% more traffic than marketers using another CMS. Find out how.

Manage and grow your website with HubSpot

HubSpot Website Platform - Included Content Staging Environment HubSpot Website Platform - Full-Funnel Analytics HubSpot Website Platform - Speed, Security, and Uptime
  • Build individual pages, or redesign your whole website in a private environment that you can share and review with your team. Then push everything live in one-click.

    HubSpot Website Platform - Included Content Staging Environment
  • The path to conversion is not always a straight line. That’s why we show you how your customers first discovered you, what emails and social message they’ve engaged with, and what ultimately led them to purchase.

    HubSpot Website Platform - Full-Funnel Analytics
  • Speed and security shouldn’t be luxuries. With the HubSpot Website add-on you are backed by the Akamai Content Delivery Network for reliable uptime, and blazing-fast performance. With a Web Application Firewall and SSL also included your website will be secure from any potential threats.

    HubSpot Website Platform - Speed, Security, and Uptime


Onpage WYSIWYG Editor

What You See is What You Get with the HubSpot onpage editor. Reduce hassles with formatting, and build beautiful websites that work.

Website Content Management Dashboard

Manage all your website content from one dashboard. View a simple list of all your pages, or view your entire site tree.

Website Analytics Dashboard

Instantly see how your website is growing over time, and how you are converting strangers into customers.

Content Staging Environment

Website redesign made easy. Content staging gives you a private area to build and design your website, then take it live in one-click.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

A secure website isn’t a luxury with HubSpot. SSL is included with every Website Add-on subscription.

Smart Content

Tailor content to specific individuals for more relevant conversations, and increasing performance of your website. Personalize content, CTAs, forms, and even HTML to present the best experience for every individual visitor.

Starting at $100/month, HubSpot’s Website Platform is available as an add-on to any HubSpot Basic, Professional, or Enterprise subscription.

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