Business Enablement, also known as BET at HubSpot, works to create the backbone and behind-the-scenes structure of the company. We are the eyes, ears, and security around the office, made up of HubSpot’s IT and Business Operations (BizOps) departments. As a co-op on this team, you are responsible for helping contribute to the foundation of our company, covering everything from IT to data analysis to building applications used by our sales and legal teams. Initiative, determination, and collaboration will get you far here. Sound right up your alley? Here are five reasons why you should think about becoming a BET co-op.

1. You “Get S*#t Done”

As this HubSpot motto implies, you’ll start shipping meaningful code your first week, if not your first day. This is an environment where people want you to dive head first into coding, practicing a learn-as-you-do method to understand the technical side of a software company. Yes, you’ll probably slip up at some point early on as a co-op, and that’s a good thing. In fact, it’s pretty much expected that you’ll fail at something at first, because we see failure as a key takeaway of growth and learning. No one at HubSpot is here to hold your hand or walk you through the software lifecycle. Instead, there’s a small army of engineers who are always willing to answer questions, review code, or just point you in the right direction if you simply ask for help.

2. You Make an Impact

BET co-ops have accomplished some remarkable stuff over the years at HubSpot, and so much more is being accomplished every day. During a single co-op experience, you can build a back-end integration to help the recruiting team, write the latest and greatest slackbot, and create some new web applications for your team. You have the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat on projects that will have a true impact on the company as a whole. (And not to mention, it will look stellar on your resume.)

3. You’re a Team Player

As a BET co-op, you work directly on projects that are being used by your fellow HubSpot employees. For example, our code is used directly by the sales and legal teams to help our customers as they build their own businesses with inbound methodology. In addition, just about every employee at HubSpot has asked for help, or will need help, from our wonderful IT team, and that could be you. You could become a core member of a direct feedback loop – YOU could help HubSpot help others. How cool is that?

4. The Work Environment is A+

The quality of a company and its product is not always indicative of the quality of the co-op experience it offers. We all know the stereotype of the co-op or intern who runs errands, gets coffee, and stands by the copier all day. Oftentimes, co-ops feel removed from, or not part of the company they’re working for. However, in the case of the HubSpot BET program, your co-op experience makes you feel like you're part of the company environment and culture. HubSpot is a great company, renowned for its culture and known as one of the best places in Boston to work, and that reputation doesn’t fall short with the co-op experience. Not only is the culture A+, but the people are, too. In fact, one of the biggest factors which sets this co-op apart is the colleagues you will be surrounded by – intelligent people who are more than willing, and in fact, are encouragingly insistent, to teach you.

5. You Have Access to a Treasure Trove of Resources

As a BET co-op, you’re never alone the resources available to you are limitless. We believe in complete transparency within our company; just check out our Culture Code, it’s all in there. We have our very own internal HubSpot wikipedia which is full of information detailing past projects, mistakes, successes, and everything in between. You can get lost in this treasure trove of information there, but the wiki has it all you just have to dig. You also have access to valuable face-to-face encounters with the intelligent, remarkable people who work at HubSpot, such as Lunch and Learns, workshops, and one-on-one meetings. On top of that, there are Science Fairs, Tech Talks, and countless Slack channels, all of which are extremely educational and teach you hands-on skills and knowledge you aren’t going to find in that college textbook.

So, what are you waiting for? Come take a look at our open co-ops and internships.



Originally published Sep 15, 2017 10:00:00 AM, updated January 18 2023