Joyeux anniversaire HubSpot Paris! It was one year ago that HubSpot opened our third office in Europe and said hello to ‘PariSpot’, our first office in France dedicated to helping local customers grow better. After officially opening our doors in Paris in May 2019, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on a year of growth and celebrate this PariSpot milestone thanks to our employees, customers, Partners, and local community.

HubSpot Paris Office Launch

We decided to expand to Paris for a few key reasons, including great talent, access to our customers and Partners, and the thriving tech scene and strong start-up environment in Paris. A recent CB Insights report showing that the tech world in France boomed in the last twelve months with funding to French tech companies reaching record high, and 2019 funding surpassing 2018 totals by over 23%. While we’re prepared for COVID-19 to have lasting impacts globally, we’re optimistic about France’s local tech community and are proud to be a part of it.

HubSpot’s Q1 2020 earnings report tells a similar story, revealing that international revenue represented 42% of total revenue in Q1, up three points year-over-year. With a presence on the ground in France, the HubSpot team has been able to further help French organizations grow better. HubSpot’s dedicated French website, blog, and social media channels were launched in 2015, and today the blog consists of over 745 blog posts dedicated to helping customers grow their business through dedicated sales, marketing and services content for our French customers and partners.

One such customer is EASYRECRUE a Talent Experience Platform that helps companies manage their talent lifecycle, from job application to career development, and a HubSpot customer since 2016. Based in France, EASYRECRUE adapted CMS Hub Professional in May 2019, and have since seen X2 in productivity, and a 66% increase in demos in the past year. 

"We gained a lot by moving to HubSpot, and I'm very satisfied with making the change. It did help that I knew the product before, but everything went as expected” said Baptiste Saugeron, Digital Marketing Manager at EASYRECRUE. “Looking forward, we want to use features like the SEO optimization tool and smart content to improve our conversion rates. We can go a lot further, and HubSpot can help us to get there" he added. We’re proud to help customers like Baptiste and the EASYRECRUE take their business and further, and most importantly, to do support them in today’s climate as we all adapt to marketing, selling, and growing during a crisis through HubSpot’s response to COVID-19.

In addition to helping customers and Partners grow better, The HubSpot for Startups program (which aims to help startups grow and scale faster) has been able to strengthen and build their long-standing partnership with Station F, the biggest startup incubator in the world. The partnership with Station F helps give France-based startups access to marketing and sales software, as well as educational content. Some of the key highlights include the partnership at Start-up Growth Week in November 2019, hosting a workshop on mastering start-up sales and marketing strategy, and most recently a workshop dedicated to helping businesses get ready for the after-crisis.

HubSpot Paris Team Outing

The Paris team have worked hard to help French businesses over the past twelve months, but they've also managed to have some fun, too. In addition to memorable events celebrating International Women’s Day, Earth Day and Mental Health Month, earlier this year the PariSpot team partnered with Unis-Cité, an organization that connects young students from all social and cultural backgrounds with local learning and working opportunities in the community. Students visited the PariSpot office and were given a crash course on what a career in tech looks like. 

HubSpot Paris partnership with Unis-cite

While the team is celebrating their first birthday a little differently than expected as all HubSpot employees continue to work from home during COVID-19, they will still mark the occasion, toasting to an incredible first year in the city of lights with a team quiz, and a virtual cocktail making session. With in-office Jenga battles and Fifa tournaments replaced by virtual happy hours, an online tour of The Louvre, philosophy, cooking and Zumba sessions, our dedicated Office Manager and Culture Coordinator ensures that the team stays connected during this time.

HubSpot Paris Team Tour The Louvre
Merci beaucoup to our French customers, Partners and employees for a great first year in Paris. Learn more about the culture and team at HubSpot Paris.

Originally published May 29, 2020 4:48:23 AM, updated June 16 2020