The last few years have been turbulent. 2020 was a historic year of global firsts, followed closely by 2021, a year of growth at all costs, leading us to the present 2023, which is all about customer retention and intentionally driving efficient growth.

As our global economy continues to adjust, driving sustainable growth is becoming increasingly challenging. With these organizational pressures and changes comes a trickle effect on those in the job market - employees and job seekers. So, whether you’re looking to make a career change, a student navigating a job hunt for the first time, or someone who has been through a layoff, our global recruiters share their thoughts on navigating uncertainty throughout 2023 and beyond.

Viennie Chanthachack, Recruiting Team Lead, NAM


Kelsey Freedman, Recruiting Manager, NAM


Katie Lewis, Recruiter, JAPAC


Steph McDonald, Senior Recruiter, NAM


Vanessa Wong, University Program Manager, EMEA


Gill McLarty, University Program Manager, NAM


Elle O’Grady, Senior Tech Recruiter, EMEA


2023, we're ready for you!

Change is the only certainty, but we hope these tips and tricks have armed you with some knowledge to control what you can and leave the rest.

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Originally published Jan 23, 2023 4:45:15 AM, updated January 23 2023