At HubSpot, we’re all in on hybrid work. We don’t believe in mandating employees to work in an office, preferring to let HubSpotters decide which work option, @home, @office, or @flex works best for them and their lifestyle. Our employee data speaks for itself, with 64% of employees choosing @home (or fully remote work), 28% choosing @flex (between remote and office), and 8% choosing @office in 2023. 

With only 8% of HubSpot employees opting to work from an office, you might think that building meaningful relationships and connections at work is impossible, right? Wrong. 

From local meetups to team offsites or online gaming, we asked a couple of HubSpotters how they build and maintain connections in a remote working environment. Here’s what they had to say…

How do you connect with your colleagues as a remote employee?

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What advice would you give somebody new to hybrid work in order to successfully build human connection at work?

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Originally published Nov 20, 2023 8:51:22 AM, updated December 01 2023