The year is 2013.

President Obama was inaugurated for his second term. Microsoft replaced its free email service Hotmail with Outlook. Eating healthy was the top New Year’s resolution, and “123456” was the most common password. 

And in January 2013, HubSpot Ireland was born! A decade ago, HubSpot opened its EMEA headquarters in Dublin and committed to hiring 150 people within the first three years. Dubbed ‘DubSpot’ at the time, HubSpot Ireland has since tripled in size as we proudly pursue our mission to help millions of organizations grow better. 

What better way to celebrate than to take a trip down memory lane with some brilliant individuals who helped make HubSpot Ireland all it is and will be. We share some fun facts before handing the mic over to HubSpotters who have been here since its inception to share what #HubSpotLife was and how it evolved.

Did you know that…

  • On 13th Jan 2013, we had 12 employees in HubSpot Ireland. As of 13th Jan 2023, we had over 1,300 employees in HubSpot Ireland. And four of these employees are still working at HubSpot!
  • There are 60 separate nationalities working in HubSpot Ireland, the top 5 being Irish, French, Italian, Brazilian and Indian.
  • There have been 152 Sabbaticals taken in ten years.

To get a better understanding of #HubSpotLife in Ireland over the years, we hand over to Lisa Coakley (LC), Principal Manager, Customer Success, and Vishnu Mohanan (VM), Senior Product Manager, who have both been at HubSpot for 7+ years. We also spoke to Nisha Anand (NA), Principal Solutions Engineer, and Sharen Murnaghan (SM), Solutions Partner CAM who have both been at HubSpot for over 9 years!

And we discovered that a decade of HubSpot Ireland also means a decade of:
1. Fond memories - so many in fact, that it’s hard to just pick one!

LC: I have so many fond memories of my time at HubSpot so it is really hard to pick just one! I went from sitting on one floor in our original Dublin office to being there for the opening of our newer offices and then HubSpot House. Now we are a company that offers fully remote work too. This growth really highlights the achievements of HubSpot EMEA in such a short space of time and showcases all the exciting opportunities and roles we opened!

VM: A memory that stands out to me was when a colleague dyed his hair orange for a charity auction. The Dublin office got too big for the charity auction and was phased out in the subsequent years, but for some reason, that memory still sticks in my head!

SM: One of my best memories is when HubSpot floated on the NY Stock Exchange. I felt so proud to be part of the team that enabled this and seeing the C-Suite, Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah, and former Chief Operating Officer JD Sherman ding the stock exchange bell was momentous.

2. Learning about HubSpot, its culture, customers, and ourselves.

LC: I have learned that staying true to our core values no matter what your role or position at HubSpot will always help our customers, partners and teams to succeed! If in doubt, ask yourself I am doing this with HEART? (HubSpot’s values: Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, and Transparent). If the answer is no, it's time to reevaluate.

NA: I have learned so much, from understanding how to work with different personalities through to doing courses to be better at my job.

VM: I've learned that curiosity never killed the cat here at HubSpot. No one has ever told me "why are you asking about this?". Curiosity and learning is rewarded here.

SM: I learned about the Power of People. People genuinely want to help you succeed and grow.

3. Speedy organizational change and growth.

LC: The size of the team is the biggest thing that changed and navigating that is something we all have to be proactive with. In terms of getting to know new team members and making a conscious effort to stay connected.

NA: It's hard for me to say what has changed, as a lot of things have changed (new people, new offices, new teams, new goals, new processes, etc.), but I can say that the one thing that hasn't changed is the culture.

SM: We have grown larger and smarter but fundamentally we have the same core, which centers around our HEART values and the Culture Code.

4. Continued and intentional personal development. 

LC: HubSpot has been fantastic in terms of my own professional development. It's one of the main reasons why I am still here after 7+ years. I have continually been encouraged and able to develop or learn new skills throughout the five roles I've had at HubSpot to date! I have also benefited hugely from our education reimbursement program by being able to take additional courses outside of HubSpot on Leadership Development and I am now very proud to be a Principal Manager managing a team of managers for our EMEA Customer Success business! 

NA: I’ve been empowered to take part in marketing and management courses to help me in my role.

VM: I joined HubSpot as my first job after university and I have been able to grow my career here. I've had three different job titles across two organizations over the years which speaks to how welcoming the company is to you figuring out what you want to do (and what you are good at).

SM: Yes, I have developed as a can-do person and in public speaking. As a consequence of delivering a session at the Sales Hacker event in London in 2016, I was heard by a reporter who then interviewed me and profiled me in Forbes. Now that was a professional development moment!

5. People that contribute to and make the culture and working environment.

LC: The people we hire are what has kept me here! While some have moved on over the years, we always seem to continue to do an excellent job at hiring very smart but very kind individuals.

NA: The opportunities and the people are what keep me excited about HubSpot.

VM: The people are what make HubSpot. I've made life-long friends here.

SM: I’m still here because of the people. My colleagues are always open to sharing and helping; Our leadership team makes smart business decisions and is always transparent and open.


If you’re a woman in tech working in Product, Sales, or Customer Success, we invite you to join our upcoming Women In Tech event. In celebration of ten years in Ireland, we’re bringing together female leaders from HubSpot on January 25th 2023 for an in-person discussion about career growth, building community and connection in a hybrid world, and more. Reserve your spot here.

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot’s culture, #HubSpotLife, or browse any open positions, tune into all things HubSpot Ireland here.

Cheers to many decades more 🥂

Originally published Jan 18, 2023 12:45:43 PM, updated January 19 2023