From #peloton to #cocktail-club to #podcastnerds, our community groups are the heartbeat of HubSpot - and we have over 1000 of them! We understand that HubSpotters need to come to work as they are to grow better. That’s why, as part of our global Connect4 initiative, designed to build remarkable hybrid connections, we hosted our first-ever Community Festival in May 2023: a fun-filled day to celebrate and connect with our communities, both in-person and virtually. We called it #HubFest!

There’s no denying that workplace communities can significantly impact employee well-being and productivity; they foster a sense of belonging and connection, creating a more positive and productive environment. We sat down with a handful of HubSpot Community leaders to pick their brains on the communities they support, how they drive change, and how they are best-managing well-being at work to name a few. Introducing...

👉 Please introduce yourself, the community that you support, and how you're driving change within HubSpot.

Diana Tovar: Hi, I am Diana (she/her), and I'm part of the Eco@HubSpot community. I am based in the UK and I have been working at HubSpot since July 2022. Eco@HubSpot is a community of environmentally conscious employees within HubSpot that drives change through company-wide employee engagement and activation. By promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about environmental issues, Eco@HubSpot encourages employees to make more eco-friendly choices in their daily work lives, which in turn drives change throughout the company.

Colum Lowry: Hi my name is Colum (he/him) and I am part of the Families@HubSpot community. I am based in Dublin, Ireland, and have been working at HubSpot since 2015. The Families@HubSpot Employee Resource Group (ERG) ensures HubSpot celebrates, connects, and supports parents and caregivers. Within the ERG, the leadership council is a mechanism that ensures the needs of the community are understood and advocated for. 

Kezia Chee: Hi! My name is Kezia (KEH-zee-uh, she/they) and I’m one of the co-leaders of the Asians@HubSpot Community. We drive change at HubSpot by increasing awareness of our diverse community, amplifying underrepresented voices within it, and educating folks on our histories and all of the ways we continue to find joy, celebration, and solidarity in the myriad identities, ethnicities, and cultures we represent.

Asians@HubSpot is always looking for new ways to meet the unique needs of our community. We welcome fresh ideas no matter who you are, how you identify, or where you sit within HubSpot’s ecosystem. If you have something you think could be fun or beneficial to our community, we want to hear about it!

Erica Jensen: Hi all! My name is Erica Jensen (she/her) and I am a part of/support our LGBTQIA+ alliance community here at HubSpot. Our LGBTQIA+ community drives change by advocating for inclusive policies and benefits within our organization. This can include pushing for non-discrimination policies, challenging biases, raising awareness, inclusive healthcare coverage, and support for transgender employees among many other initiatives. By actively engaging with our DI&B and leadership teams, we can continue to influence positive changes that will foster a more supportive and accepting workplace for all our HubSpot employees.

👉 How does HubSpot provide support and space for your community? 

DT: HubSpot provides support and space for the Eco@HubSpot community by creating an environment where employees can connect and collaborate. Providing channels and tools for employees to share their sustainability interests, ideas, and feedback, and to promote and bring sustainability campaigns to life. HubSpot celebrates achievements and encourages employee-led initiatives, fostering a culture of collaboration and support.

CL: In Families@HubSpot, we have a very open and safe interactive space where we can all communicate to share our experiences and advice in order to support each other throughout the different stages of parenthood.

KC: Our Asians@HubSpot community is supported with a quarterly budget that we put towards programming and other initiatives throughout the year at HubSpot. We have the freedom to do with these funds what we think is best given the current climate and the wants and needs of our global community.

EJ: HubSpot has created a supportive and safe space for our LGBTQIA+ employees which helps to give a sense of belonging and connection. 

This not only leads to increased employee engagement when it comes to events and resources, but this also has a noticeable effect on our HubSpotter's productivity and job satisfaction, which ultimately benefits our organization as a whole.

👉 How does HubSpot create a diverse and inclusive culture in general - what are some notable experiences for you?

DT: At Eco@HubSpot, we're dedicated to fostering a sustainable culture by covering a broad spectrum of topics, providing training and workshops, and equipping our employees with tools to reduce their environmental impact. Early this year, we launched our Hybrid Working Carbon Quiz, for example, which offers practical tips to cut your carbon footprint, whether you're working from home or in the office. Our campaigns and activities are designed to engage and support employees, regardless of their location, because we believe that everyone has the power to make a positive impact on the environment.

CL: Within our Families@HubSpot ERG we cover a wide range of topics like family friendliness, flexibility, the parental leave and return experience are routinely reviewed, and training, workshops, and other support with caregiving duties are provided.

KC: One of the things HubSpot does well is intentional programming. From an ERG perspective, there are always events that exist in a particular space for a specific community, paired with an event for the broader HubSpot organization for others. This helps provide an educational opportunity for folks who, while they may not share the same identity as the group being amplified, are curious to learn more or want to practice allyship.

Planning our HubTalk with Michelle Zauner was a particularly exciting experience! I was thrilled that our Culture and DI&B teams led with intention and sought input and partnership from the Asians@HubSpot community. 

EJ: The LGBTQIA+ alliance ERG plays a huge role in educating our colleagues and leaders about LGBTQIA+ issues, terminology, and other best practices. From my personal experience, HubSpot has always done a remarkable job of organizing and building out training sessions, workshops, or awareness campaigns to create a more inclusive and accepting workplace culture for all. 

We truly embody HEART values by not only talking the talk but walking the walk. 

👉 And how does this translate to your working environment and experience at HubSpot?

DT: Eco@HubSpot nurtures a deep sense of connection and purpose among employees. As HubSpotters, we have the chance to actively participate in sustainability campaigns and initiatives, share innovative ideas and updates, and celebrate achievements. We are empowered to contribute to our community at our own pace and level, with some of us choosing to be sustainability champions and lead initiatives while others offer invaluable support from the sidelines.

CL: This allows us to create connections to other parents in a hybrid world where many would not get the chance to meet or speak otherwise due to not being in a physical office.

KC: Cultivating a culture of belonging is a feat that is rarely acknowledged and difficult to do well 100% of the time. One of the things I appreciate about HubSpot is our ability to remain humble as an organization and recognize where we still have work to do. 

EJ: This translates by allowing our LGBTQIA+ identifying employees to be vocal advocates for our community here at HubSpot. We can help raise awareness about the importance of creating an inclusive environment for all employees and educate colleagues about the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our community brings different perspectives and experiences to the table, which can enrich discussions and decision-making processes. By valuing and incorporating these diverse perspectives, HubSpot can continue to make better-informed decisions that benefit everyone.

👉 Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month, what are you doing to best manage your well-being at work?

DT: To keep my sanity and happiness in check, I've incorporated several practices into my work routine. Before diving into my day, I take morning walks to get my body and brain buzzing. I also try to take regular breaks during the day and work on maintaining connections with colleagues, family, and friends. Additionally, I'm a big fan of exercising throughout the week, whether that means flowing through a 30-minute yoga session or going for a short run. Staying fit keeps me energized and excited for what's next!

CL: I recently attended a mindful morning initiative where I listened to external and internal speakers on the topic of prioritising our mental health and got an introduction to the 5 pillars of resilience. 

KC: I have been working hard to take myself for a walk every day at the beautiful pond near my apartment. It is such a great way to reflect inward after a long day or clear my head after back-to-back meetings and demands. I am also advocating for myself more when time away from work is needed, whether for a mental health day or time with family - it always serves as a great reminder of why I work in the first place!

EJ: Managing my well-being here at work is essential for me to maintain good mental health while also preventing burnout. 

With that said, I am focused on being transparent with identifying and addressing sources of stress during my workdays. This involves setting realistic expectations for my workload, taking breaks when needed, delegating tasks, canceling 1:1s when I just don’t have the capacity, and seeking support from my colleagues or managers when I am feeling overwhelmed.

When I prioritize my mental health here at work, I am better equipped to manage stress, maintain a positive outlook, and experience a higher quality of life. 

⭐ That's it, folks!

You don’t have to stop learning about our communities there though!

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Originally published May 29, 2023 7:39:00 AM, updated May 30 2023