HubSpotTokyoOffice.pngWe kicked off 2016 with an exciting announcement: HubSpot would be opening an office in Tokyo, Japan. Eight months and countless flights later, we officially opened our "TokSpot" doors just this past week. We're thrilled to work closer with prospects, customers, and Partners globally, and we're equally as eager to give our careers community an inside look at launch day and the people who are pioneering inbound in Japan.

The core HubSpot Tokyo team, led by General Manager Yuri Akahira, is on a mission to help businesses in Asia grow even faster through smarter, more personal marketing and sales strategies. Not surprisingly, this group of marketing, support, sales, and HR gurus are already experts in creating personalized, engaging experiences. Cue the HubSpot Tokyo office launch. 

Employees from all over the globe gathered in Japan to celebrate the Tokyo team's hard work over the past few months. The launch day mixed ancient cultural traditions with new TokSpot office rituals. Thanks to our Office Manager Michie's artistic skills, HubSpotters were welcomed with charming hand-drawn portraits (check out CEO Brian Halligan's here) and sweet desserts inspired by HubSpot's sprocket logo. 

After a trip to a Japanese shrine, a celebratory dinner, an evening of karaoke, and more, TokSpot was officially ready to hit the ground running. Check out photos from the office launch below and join us in congratulating the HubSpot Tokyo team on this new adventure!

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Originally published Sep 12, 2016 10:46:35 AM, updated January 18 2023