It’s the era of digitization and there’s no denying that social media is a powerful tool. This filters through to how you can use it for your career advancement. So whether you’re seeking your next opportunity, to expand your professional network, or want to hone your personal brand, social media has endless possibilities for you to reach your goals. You’ve just got to be prepared to put yourself out there (and that can be easier said than done!)

We synced up with some HubSpotters who own their professional social media audience to share tips and tricks for optimizing your profile, creating engaging content, and most importantly, building a network!

Innocent Matthew, Recruiter, EMEA


Seek referrals: Statistically “Social Talent” highlighted that 40% of all candidates put forward via employee referrals are hired. Imagine a job opening comes through from a company where some members of your network happen to work there. If you’ve been engaging in the right way, and you reach out for a referral, they’re more than likely to refer you.

Trending posts: What’s going on right now in the market, is it layoffs, international women's day, black history month, ChatGPT? Think about unique ways to add to the ongoing topics at the very moment. 

Thais Campbell, Senior Customer Support Specialist, NAM


Here's how I put my brand on paper:
  • I wrote down the words my friends, family, and colleagues used to describe me. This made me reflect on how my community feels around me.
  • I identified the subjects that people sought me out to discuss or clarify doubts. This helped me analyze which areas I was an authority in and where I wanted to continue focusing. I chose three subjects to start creating content about: "personal branding," "HubSpot life," and "building a community."
  • I determined my goals and prioritized them. Whether looking for a new job, trying to meet new people, or growing my brand.

With these steps, I had the tools to start posting on LinkedIn and analyze the topics I wanted to share.

And some tips for creating engaging content:

  • Share your journey. Even if you think your story is boring, thousands of people would love to know more about your challenges and how you overcame them. Remember, you are unique!
  • Don't overthink it! If an idea pops into your head and you feel excited to share it, write it down on your phone's notepad and post it as soon as possible. Everyone experiences impostor syndrome, but you'll build trust and confidence with each post.
  • Genuinely connect with new people on LinkedIn. If you see a post from your industry or a story you like, comment on it! You don't have to write something huge, share your opinion, or tell people you liked it. This helps build relationships with your LinkedIn connections. Remember, people connect with people, and being authentic is key. So come as you are, share what sparks your soul, and watch your personal brand grow.
Andee Chua, Culture Specialist, Singapore


But wait, there's more...

  • When building authentic relationships, and if you have the time, bring these online connections offline! Walk the talk. 
  • Don’t forget to make it a two-way conversation - reply when someone comments on your post.

I previously did a Personal Branding workshop on LinkedIn for a group of university students. Here is an article of the takeaways one attendee posted, it's a good summary of the tips & tricks shared.

Wayne Quinn, Recruiter, Ireland 


I like to look at LinkedIn like a visual CV, but your CV doesn’t get looked at unless you send it somewhere. Similarly, on LinkedIn, if you are not active by creating content, be it commenting on posts, liking comments or even posting your own pictures, your profile just won’t appear on people's feeds.
  • If you are to post your own content, be creative! If you happen to win an award at work, post it alongside a picture of you and the award. 
  • If you are back in the office for the first time with your team, get pictures of the gang! An audience tends to stop and look at pictures and engage more with ‘just’ words.
  • Might seem silly, but emojis! It adds a little more to just standard text. 
  • DO NOT open up by messaging a new connection (recruiter or hiring manager maybe) asking for something. Drop a line, ‘nice to connect, looking forward to having you in my network’. Asking for something without knowing the person whatsoever, or whom they hire for, is not going to get you what you want. 


It’s a competitive market, but hopefully, armed with these tips and tricks, you can take your professional profile to the next level. 

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Originally published Apr 14, 2023 6:02:05 AM, updated April 14 2023