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There are a lot of tools out there to help you convert leads, but what about helping leads find you to begin with? HubSpot's Blog App helps you rank on search engines and attract quality leads for your business. In fact, last year, businesses that used HubSpot's software saw their traffic increase by more than 2.5 times. This is blogging that fuels lead generation.


So What Makes Us Different?

SEO without plugins

No plug-ins or add-ons, HubSpot's Blog App has search engine optimization built right in. Get as-you-type instructions and a customized to do list for how to improve your content for search.

Convert your readers

There’s no use generating traffic if you can’t convert it. Use built-in HubSpot CTAs and attach them to your blog posts, landing pages, and website and convert those dedicated readers into leads.

Customize emails

Because HubSpot integrates all of your marketing tools, you can create and customize blog subscriber emails all from one place. Then use analytics to measure all the performance in one-place.


Blogging Made Easy

Focus on your content without worrying about the structure of your blog post. HubSpot’s pre-written blueprints will load different templates for you right into your editor.


Inline Editor

The new inline editor truly brings a What You See Is What You Get experience to blogging. Just start writing, and your content will display exactly how you created it.

Blueprint Options

Choose from three blog post formats to get started: How-To, List, and Visual. With the structure of your post ready to go, all you need to do is write your post.


Write your blog content without any distractions using the blog zen mode. When using zen mode the structure of your post is retained and blog creation becomes full-screen.


Optimize Your Posts

Get the most out of your posts. With built in SEO and social tools plus out-of-the-box mobile optimization, HubSpot helps you make sure your content gets broadly seen.

Optimize for search

No plug-ins needed. Get as-you-type tips and a customized "to do" list on how to optimize your content for search engines to get your content seen.

Optimize for social

Easily add social sharing buttons to drive readers to your content. Track clicks from all social sources to see what channels work best.

Optimize for mobile

Mobile traffic is growing at staggering rates. HubSpot optimizes your blog for mobile devices right off the bat without any code needed.

Manage Your Content

Organize, schedule, and publish content in one place. The Calendar allows you to coordinate your campaigns across your blog, landing pages, email, and social channels.


Plan Your Content

Visualize all of your content on one screen to organize and plan different marketing promotions. Decide which marketing channels to use and manage them right from your calendar.

Organize Campaigns

Use the calendar as your home base for your next campaign. Color code content by campaign and identify your marketing channels with individual icons.

Assign Tasks

Coordinate with the rest of your team by assigning tasks to other contributors. Collaborate on your content and delegate tasks for offline marketing campaigns to others.


Generate Leads
With Your Blog

Made with marketers in mind, HubSpot blog software is integrated with tools to help you convert your blog readers into quality leads and future customers.

Add a CTA

Quickly add a call-to-action button or web banner to drive your blog readers deeper into your website. You can even personalize them to each reader using Smart CTAs.

Landing pages

Because HubSpot is an all-in-one platform, you can use landing pages in combination with your blog to help convert traffic you’ve generated into high quality leads.

Subscriber profiles

As your readership grows, use the contact database to keep track of the page views and comments of your blog subscribers and help you know who is most engaged.

Email and Analytics

Most blogs are stand-alone tools. HubSpot’s is part of a full-funnel platform that helps you turn blogging from an isolated effort to a major marketing channel.


Subscription options

Give readers the option to subscribe to instant, daily, weekly, or monthly updates. Customize the emails to each reader based on your knowledge of them.

Integrated analytics

See how your blog views and subscribers perform over time, and click in to see what blog post contributed to your success.

Advanced analytics

At the enterprise level, get even deeper analytics of the leads who discovered you through your blog. Use this information to nurture these leads into customers.


“We had adopted content but knew that we could take it to another level if we had the right tool, and the ability to do our jobs properly. HubSpot is that tool!

Heather Smith
Director of Marketing, VisionWeb

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Because HubSpot's marketing software is a fully integrated toolset, you get more out of each component as they work together.



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