Kathryn Hahn, dressed as a pirate Captain, holding a magnifying glass over a map.

About Pirates, Inc.

Our Mission

The pirate business was ripe for disruption. Instead of mindlessly searching for treasure or taking loot from other ships, Pirates, Inc. wanted to find a better way to grow. Now, we are making meaningful relationships with merchants, sailors, and villagers to build a trading enterprise that allows everyone to share in the spoils thanks to HubSpot.
Captain Kathryn smiling, holding a ship's wheel


Captain Kathryn is not only a visionary, she’s helping Pirates, Inc. grow better by  remembering that her crew and customers are the true treasure. At the heart of Pirates, Inc. the Captain keeps us sailing forward into uncharted, digital waters.

Our Story

Seven years ago, the whole operation was just the Captain, her first mate, and a couple parrots on a tiny ship. Fast forward to today, Pirates, Inc. has ships across the seven seas with outposts all over the globe (with a new French Riviera outpost coming soon)! 
graph illustrating growth over 7 years
Around year three, Pirates, Inc. was seeing unprecedented growth. Everyone wanted to do business with kinder, nicer pirates. Our tiny crew was stretched thin, customers were falling through the planks, sales reps were bogged down trying to integrate different systems, teams weren’t on the same page, and we just could not keep up. Then, the unthinkable happened… we lost ships to Davy Jones’ Locker, customers lost hope that we could continue to provide amazing personalized experiences as we scaled—we needed a better way to grow. Enter: HubSpot CRM platform.
HubSpot helped us get our CRM in shipshape, our crews aligned, and our customers once again seeing Pirates, Inc as the treasure in a sea of blue. These are some key things that HubSpot CRM helped us swab the decks with:
Teams Just Aren’t Aligned

Teams stay aligned with a single source of truth on our customers. Detailed reporting and up-to-date customer info keeps the wind in our sails.

question icon Relieve the pressure on teams

Relieve the pressure on teams so they have more bandwidth. With a self-serve knowledge base and automation, our reps aren’t bogged down with requests and customers can connect how, when, and where they want.

Icon-Request-Handoff Customers never fall through the planks

Customers never fall through the planks! With an up-to-date customer history, our entire team can create a remarkable customer experience.

update icon HubSpot grows with us

HubSpot grows with us as we scale. From a startup to a global enterprise, HubSpot CRM platform has the tools to keep up aligned and moving forward.

Custom icon It’s easy to use and integrate

It’s easy to use and integrate. The different Hubs work together seamlessly and it was smooth sailing getting our crew set up on the same system.

hand shake icon Comprehensive features and value

Comprehensive features and value. From marketing automation, website building, customer service tools, and more, HubSpot CRM platform can help you grow better. Just a few features of the separate Hubs include:

  • Marketing Hub: Lead generation, marketing automation, analytics
  • Sales Hub: Meeting scheduling, call-tracking, live chats, payments
  • Service Hub: Customer feedback, ticket creation, knowledge base
  • Operations Hub: RevOp tools, app syncing, dataset curation
  • CMS Hub: Web themes, SEO assistance, drag-and-drop editor

“With HubSpot, we’ve grown our business faster and more efficiently than we could have ever dreamed. We’ve even been able to hire our first team of parrot groomers. Now, if only we could figure out how to expand the bow…”


parrot perched on a wooden barrel

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