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HubSpot Ads

Inbound Amplified

Ads and Inbound, Together

Create, measure and optimize Search and Social ads without ever having to leave HubSpot again.

Conversions and ROI Calculated Automatically

Automatically surface conversions and ROI. The elements you need to create the best possible ad campaigns.

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HubSpot's Ads Add-on is part of the HubSpot Platform. Take a quick tour to see the rest of the tools it works in harmony with.

So, what makes us different?

Your Ads, inside of HubSpot

We’ve made it easy as pie to add Search or Social Ads to a successful inbound campaign without ever having to leave HubSpot.

Conversions over Clicks

Click data alone can’t tell you which ads work. We go beyond clicks and combine HubSpot data with Ad data to show you which ads drive conversions and customers.

Get more from Inbound

Ads alone fall flat. Ads that amplify great inbound drive leads. We’ve made ads inbound, through a simplified approach, built in tips and the strategy you need to win.

What Ads are Integrated?

  • LinkedIn’s native ads help amplify your best inbound content, reach a willing B2B audience and consistently deliver the highest quality leads. What’s not to love?

  • People use Google Search to find what they are looking for. This includes your customers. Combine content, SEO and your search advertising through HubSpot to dominate search.

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  • We’re actively talking to customers and top ad networks to integrate more of the ads that inbound marketers love.

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“Inbound and Paid campaigns absolutely must be in harmony to maximize the value for us. HubSpot Ads makes it much easier to keep an eye on both and to correlate the results of campaigns across channels. We can make better decisions in less time.” - Gary McDonald, President, EHS Insight  

Everything you Need To Master Ads

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  • Everything you need to make ads great is now in HubSpot. Build and manage ads with the right features and targeting for your campaign.

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  • Clicks don’t equal money in the bank. To master ads you need to know how many leads and customers an ad generates. We automatically report conversion for every ad, giving you the data you need to know which ads work, beyond just clicks.

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  • We’ve packed years of expert knowledge into our ads tool. Giving you the ability to master ads like a seasoned vet. Confidently build campaigns that generate profit through a positive ROI. Simultaneously test different ads to maximize CPA.

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Starting at $100 / month. Available as an add-on for HubSpot Basic, Professional, and Enterprise subscriptions.

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