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Why HubSpot Analytics are better.

HubSpot Analytics
  • People-centric: People matter in marketing. Not anonymous page views. HubSpot Analytics targets and contextualizes your contacts with data-rich, individual profiles and complete database reporting. Genius for marketing and sales teams alike.
  • Integrated multi-channel view: So long, siloed analytics from multiple sources. With HubSpot, you'll see all of your channels in one view, and understand how they contribute to your overall marketing strategy.
  • Full-funnel analytics: HubSpot Analytics records events continuously, covering the complete customer lifecycle, from first interaction to most recent conversion.
  • Goals and predictive tools: Set a high-level, multi-month visit/lead/customer goal, then model your funnel to estimate the number of visits necessary to hit it.

Analytics that provide clear insights.

The Sources Report shows you how people first discover your company.

Not all traffic is created equal. The Sources Report looks at just the traffic that originally brought visits, leads, and customers to your site. Find out how people are discovering you, measure top-of-the-funnel channels like social media, and make wiser decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars.

Analytics Sources

The Contacts Report shows your entire contacts database at a glance. Enterprise only

Your contact database is one of your greatest assets. But it's only helpful if it allows you to identify key trends that drive sales. The Contacts Report not only gives you rich data on every individual contact in your database, it also allows you an at-a-glance overview of an entire list of contacts based on the specific information you're looking for .

Contacts Report

The Conversion Assists Report shows you what pages are most influential. Prof. & Enterprise only

At the Professional and Enterprise Level, HubSpot’s Conversion Assists Report helps you identify the most influential pages on your site. Get a view of the content most often viewed by people before they become a lead or a customer, then prioritize pages in the middle of the funnel that work to drive conversions.

Analytics sources

Events reporting shows you detailed views of activity on your site. Enterprise only

Want to know what prompts someone to click a "Contact Us" button? Or what needs to happen before someone interacts with your shopping cart, videos, or mobile app? Event reporting at the Enterprise level in HubSpot helps you analyze the critical pre-cursors to important events.

Analytics Events

Detailed analytics for each of your marketing channels.

HubSpot gives you actionable data for individual channels and marketing activities.

Analytics marketing channels

Landing Pages analytics

  • Identify the visits, first-time contacts, and customers generated through your landing pages.
  • Get a list of contacts that converted on your landing page and automatically follow up with personalized, relevant emails.
  • See which channels bring leads to your landing pages.
Email Marketing Analytics

Email Marketing analytics

  • Get deliver, open, click and churn data for every email you send. Slice and dice the data for the best view.
  • Find out who engaged with your email, and save lists for further nurturing.
  • See a detailed graph of overall performance and click-popularity in your emails.
Calls to action analytics

Calls-to-Action analytics

  • See the visit-to-click conversion ratio for your calls-to-action.
  • A/B test your CTAs (at the Enterprise level) and compare data before declaring a winner.
Page Performance analytics

Page Performance analytics

  • See views data for every page and blog post on your site.
  • Find out which pages are ranking for keywords and generating important inbound links.
  • Get alerted to problem pages with clear instructions for improving them.
[HubSpot has] saved me a lot of guessing and marketing dollars, because now I can show anyone what we are spending that money on, and how well it works.
Cathie Briggette
Director of Marketing NSK, Inc.
Read full case study on how NSK uses HubSpot Analytics

Resources to keep you one step ahead.

HubSpot offers additional tools to keep you in control of ever-changing analytics. And one step ahead of your competitors.

Analytics Sources

HubSpot Competitors

  • Compare indexed pages, linking domains, mozRank and other key SEO metrics.
  • See who has more Facebook and Twitter followers.
  • Track competitive data over time to see where you’re edging them out.
Monthly Marketing Analytics Report

Monthly Marketing Report

  • Receive monthly emails with a downloadable, personalized, and customizable progress report.
  • Read tips on what to do next month to improve your results.
  • Automate regular emails to your manager or team with your trend data.
Weekly Trends Report

HubSpot Trends Report

  • See a week-over-week comparison of each channel.
  • Spot problems before they get out of hand and determine what channels need your attention.
  • Get recommendations on how to improve each trendline.

Analytics features and benefits.

  • Visit, lead and customer data

    HubSpot shows you a dashboard of the visits, leads & customers generated by your marketing efforts.

  • Integrated analytics

    Break out of the silos of individual reports. HubSpot shows you how each of your channels contribute to your overall leads & customers.

  • First-touch reporting

    HubSpot’s Sources report shows you the channels and campaigns that initially brought in your visitors, leads and customers.

  • Conversion assists

    The Conversion Assists Report shows you the pages that are most commonly viewed by leads and customers before converting, so you know what to prioritize.

  • Last-touch reporting Enterprise only

    At the Enterprise level, marketers can see what actions leads took immediately before converting.

  • Custom reporting Enterprise only

    At the Enterprise level, HubSpot users can create custom reports on highly targeted segments of their audience and see where to improve their marketing strategy.

How Analytics fits into your inbound plan

  • Attract: Closed-loop reporting lets you track which of your marketing efforts are doing the best job of attracting the right types of customers to your website. Integrate HubSpot with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and enjoy a mutually supportive relationship between your sales and marketing teams.
  • Convert: Use closed-loop reporting to single out which channels convert high quality leads, and identify strengths and weaknesses in your strategy. Remarkable content isn’t truly remarkable unless the data supports it. Closed-loop reporting can provide that support.
  • Close: Is your sales team closing the right leads into customers? Does your marketing department bring in the most qualified leads to pass on to Sales? Closed-loop reporting on your entire contacts database helps to ensure everyone on your team is most effectively working towards the same bottom line.
  • Delight: Your visitors and leads aren't the only ones who deserve access to great marketing content and an engaging user experience. Your customers need a website and content that appeals to them, too. Keep on showing them the love with content they care about long after they've converted.

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