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Marketing Analytics

Measure your entire marketing funnel in one place. From website traffic to customer acquisition, HubSpot's integrated analytics tools provide all the metrics you need to be a data-driven marketer who makes smarter decisions and gets better results.

HubSpot's out-of-the box reporting capabilities are great. I'm able to see valuable metrics on visits and leads to my site immediately.

Bob Marsh


HubSpot’s Marketing Platform provides integrated metrics that span your contacts database, marketing assets, and website interactions -- all in once place.

So, what makes us different?

Fully Integrated

Your reports shouldn’t live in a vacuum. With HubSpot, you can report on your most important Inbound efforts together, in one place.

Report on the Entire Funnel

From detailed Attribution Reporting to deep asset analytics, track the efficiency of your whole funnel with HubSpot.

Focused on People

HubSpot gives you rich, detailed contact profiles that track every interaction between your prospects and your company.

Report on Your Entire Funnel in One Place

  • HubSpot’s Analytics provide you the metrics you need to understand the performance of your most vital marketing assets - your website, landing pages, forms, emails, calls-to-action, and more.

  • HubSpot Analytics records events continuously, covering the complete customer lifecycle from first interaction to most recent conversion.

  • Use HubSpot’s Attribution Reports to pinpoint the pieces of content and the sources that contributed to conversions at each stage of your marketing funnel. [Enterprise]

Want to find out how HubSpot’s analytics can help your marketing team make smarter decisions? We can walk you through each of HubSpot’s reports and answer all your questions about marketing analytics.

Supercharged Marketing Metrics at your Fingertips

  • Download HubSpot’s mobile app for iOS or Android to access your mission-critical Inbound marketing metrics from anywhere, anytime.

  • Close the loop on your marketing efforts with HubSpot’s intuitive revenue reporting. Drill down to the revenue generated by each contact or company, and break down your data by any of the properties in your database. [HubSpot Enterprise or Reporting Add-On]

  • Combine all your marketing and sales reports into one interface. HubSpot's Reporting Add-on allows you to create multiple custom dashboards based on the specific needs of your team. [Add-on]


Sources Report

Identify the sources that bring in the most visits, contacts, and customers over time. Drill into each source to see the contacts and companies it is generating.

Contacts & Companies Reports [Enterprise]

Deep dive into your contacts database to discover key trends in your data over time. Break down any report by contact or company-level properties.

Page Performance

Assess key metrics on how your pages are performing in terms of views, keywords, and links. Get customized recommendations on improving SEO performance.

Events [Enterprise]

Drill deeper visitor behavior on your website by generating marketing events on links, buttons, and purchases through your site. Use events to understand your visitors behavior and trigger automation flows.

Competitors Report

The Competitors report makes it easy to monitor other companies that you compete with in your industry through real-time data on key marketing and website metrics.

Marketing Asset Analytics

Analytics in HubSpot are spread across the entire platform. See detailed reports on every marketing asset - Landing pages, emails, your blog, calls-to-action, and more.

Analytics is a core part of the HubSpot Marketing Platform and is included in Basic, Professional, and Enterprise subscriptions. Try HubSpot’s analytics tools for free.

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