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HubSpot Analytics Measure Your Whole Funnel

hubspot analytics

Improving and optimizing your marketing starts with understanding your marketing data. With HubSpot’s inbound marketing software platform, you have access to integrated metrics that span your contacts database, marketing content and website traffic - all in one platform. One happy home for all your marketing data.


So What Makes Us Different?

Focuses on People

People matter in marketing, not anonymous page views. HubSpot gives you context on your contacts with data-rich individual profiles, and complete database reporting.

Integrated Analytics

Our platform wouldn't be complete without integrated analytics for your funnel. With HubSpot, you can see all of your marketing channels and their individual performance.

Revenue Reporting

Find out which marketing activities lead to revenue for your company. Use HubSpot to segment your data based on any property and relate it back to revenue.



Reporting Dashboard [ADD-ON]

Combine all your marketing and sales reports into one interface. HubSpot's Reporting Add-on allows you to create multiple dashboards based on the needs of your team.

Multiple Dashboards

Create a dashboard for different team members, departments, or even segments. Share them with key stakeholders.


Pull in both marketing and sales data to create your own customized reports with the report builder.

Edit Directly

Make instant changes to your reports directly from the dashboard without going into the report builder.

Revenue Analytics
Enterprise Only

B2B marketers need to report on the number of companies in their database, not just the number of individual contacts. The Companies Report helps marketers put revenue figures next to their marketing activities.

revenue analytics

Revenue By Property

Drill down to the revenue generated by each company for any account property.

Revenue By Company

Use HubSpot to find out how much revenue you have generated from the companies in your database.

Revenue by Source

Identify the marketing channels that have generated the most revenue for your business.

marketing channel analytics

Marketing Channel Analytics

Use your marketing data to make smart marketing decisions. HubSpot’s Analytics gives you the metrics you need to understand the performance of your important marketing channels.

Landing Pages

Identify the visits, contacts, and customers generated through your landing page. Create a list of your contacts and customers.

Email Analytics

Get deliver, open, click, and churn data for your emails. Slice and dice the data for overall performance, engaged contacts and more.

CTA Reporting

View your CTA's visit-to-click conversion ratio. Use smart CTAs at the Professional or Enterprise level to optimize your content.

Full-funnel Analytics

You’re in good hands. HubSpot Analytics records events continuously, covering the complete customer lifecycle from first interaction to most recent conversion.

full-funnel analytics

Sources Report

No more guessing games about how people discover your company. The Sources Report looks at traffic that brought in visits, leads and customers to your site.

Attribution Reports
Enterprise & Pro Only

Identify the influential pages and sources that drive conversions. Then, prioritize your marketing efforts based on what drives conversions.

Contacts Report
Enterprise Only

Get the information you want from your database. Drill down on individual data-rich profiles or get an overview of a list based on the information you’re looking for.


additional tools for your analytics

Additional Tools For
Your Analytics

Your data is constantly changing. HubSpot Analytics helps you stay ahead of the game (and your competitors) with additional tools and apps.

Mobile App

Download our mobile app for iOS or Android to track your current month’s progress for generating visitors, leads, and customers.


Discover how you rank against your competitors in social following, key SEO metrics, and more. Watch your results month over month.

Events Enterprise Only

Create a marketing event on links, buttons, and purchases through your site to track the events that move leads through your funnel.



“[HubSpot has] saved me a lot of guessing and marketing dollars, because now I can show anyone what we are spending that money on, and how well it works.

Vanderbloemen Search Group
Cathie Briggette
Director of Marketing NSK, Inc

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Because HubSpot integrates your full marketing toolset, you get more out of each component when they work together.



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