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Most email software only allows you to upload a list and send to it. Because it's integrated with lead generation tools, HubSpot helps you attract new subscribers and grow your list over time. Even better? Using personalization features and marketing automation, you can ensure that your emails match the unique interests of each recipient. Email that helps you grow your list, not spam it.


So What Makes Us Different?

Grow Your List

There’s more to emailing than broadcasting out to a static email list. HubSpot gives you the tools to actually attract new subscribers.

Integrated Analytics

No more exporting and merging data. With HubSpot, email metrics are fully integrated into the rest of your marketing analytics.


Segment your lists based on up to 1000 different criteria and personalize everything about your emails from sender to message.


Send Targeted Emails

Targeted email marketing increases click-through rates by nearly 3x. Without leaving HubSpot you can segment your list, remove duplicates, and even add personalization to make your emails more relevant.

target emails


From the sender to the message to your call-to-action buttons, you can personalize nearly every part of your emails with HubSpot.

Smart Content

Dynamically change your email content, including images, text and CTAs based on the recipient’s past behavior and patterned interests.

List Segmentation

Never touch a CSV file again. The contacts database allows you to easily segment on any criteria and automatically dedupe your lists.

design and edit

Easily Design and Edit

You shouldn’t have to put on battle gear to get your email to look just right. HubSpot makes email layout easier. Build your content, preview it live, and feel confident before you send.

Easy Editor

Create templates in moments without needing code or find templates in the template marketplace that have performed well for other businesses.

Matching Landing Pages

HubSpot landing pages are as simple to build as the emails themselves, and can help you convert more subscribers into leads and customers.

Test Your Designs

There are more than 30 different types of inboxes out there. With HubSpot you can preview your email across all of them before hitting send.

Integrated Analytics

Too often email exists in a silo away from the rest of your marketing efforts. With HubSpot all of your marketing channels are measured together, so you can see what’s driving conversions.


A/B Test

At the enterprise level, a/b test your emails to make meaningful improvements to your strategy.

Evaluate Sends

Get analytics for each email and see who took action not just how many clicks you generated.

Compare Channels

See how many customers your emails generated versus other marketing channels.


“By using HubSpot, we are able to better segment and target our communications. In addition to dividing by industry, which is crucial for us, we are also now segmenting and targeting communications by behavior.

Alpha Software
Dave McCormick
Director of Product Marketing Alpha Software

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