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The 4 Best Free Web Hosting Services

There are several free hosting services on the market. But not every service can help your business start from scratch or scale with it as it grows. Here’s how the four best free web hosting providers on the market compare.

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Every Website Needs Reliable Hosting

Whether you’re a local B2B business or a global B2C brand, a website can help you reach new audiences, generate leads, and foster customer loyalty. But to achieve those goals, it needs to offer a seamless user experience.


Conversion rates and SEO performance rely on your website’s performance. No matter how attractive your website may be, if it’s slow, buggy, and built on a shaky foundation, you’ll never be able to leverage its benefits.


Hosting a website is a complicated task. Server administration, backups, and security can impact your productivity and hurt your long-term business goals. Reliable hosting companies can simplify those tasks and help you focus on building and growing your business.

Popular Free Web Hosting Services

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 HubSpot FREE CMS TOOLS WIX (Cite) Weebly (Cite) Webflow (Cite)


Free plan with Wix ads on all pages.



Capterra User Reviews Rating






Unlimited bandwidth

Up to 1GB

Up to 500MB

Up to 1 GB


Unlimited storage space

Up to 500MB

Up to 500MB

Unlimited disk space

Number of free subdomains





File Management

File Manager with CLI access and automatic optimizations.

Media Manager with basic features.

No file management tool.

Asset Management tool with basic features.

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Wix vs HubSpot



*For more detailed and current information on product packaging and the limits that apply, please see our Product and Services Catalog.

Criteria and features to consider when choosing the best free web hosting service.

Don’t leave website performance and security features to chance. Choose the best free website hosting service provider that takes those responsibilities off your plate.

  • Help keep your data safe, build customer trust, and boost organic rankings with CMS Hub’s fully configurable, free SSL certificates for all hosting accounts. Want to use custom SSLs? You can always upgrade to one of our paid hosting plans.

  • Our hosting platform is backed by a dedicated security team that employs automated and manual checks to monitor your website for attacks 24/7.

  • Your website’s performance impacts the end-user experience. Whether a professional or personal website, we employ multiple strategies such as CSS and JavaScript minification and automatic image optimization to ensure quick load times.

  • Worried about your website holding up when your brand goes viral? CMS Hub’s global CDN infrastructure can support viral traffic without affecting load times. Enjoy premium cloud hosting for your online store and business website.

Why HubSpot CMS Hub?

HubSpot CMS Hub offers a wide range of tools that simplify content management. It helps you design dynamic e-commerce experiences with a free website builder. Built for beginners and experts, here’s how the CMS Hub offers something for everyone.

Fully-managed CMS

CMS Hub’s free tools eliminate the need to host, maintain, and secure a server. You don’t have to navigate a cPanel or worry about uptime — we do it for you. Enjoy unmetered bandwidth and SSD storage with no ads or limitations.

Automatic Updates

HubSpot CMS Hub employs continuous updates and offers a 99.95% uptime guarantee. You don’t need to worry about downtimes with our hosting package.

Multi-channel Support

CMS Hub offers access to our community of 85,000+ members and comprehensive knowledge base and tutorials.

  1. A view of HubSpot's content management system.

    Design intuitive experiences with our code-free drag-and-drop editor.

    Accelerate your content management process with one-click changes using our intuitive free site builder. HubSpot CMS Hub’s global theme settings will help you do it while staying on brand.

  2. HubSpot CMS and CRM integration.

    Blend the power of our tools and the convenience of your internal workflows.

    Internal resistance can be challenging when transitioning from a traditional CMS like WordPress to a modern one. But the good news is that your development team can continue using their tried and tested workflows with CMS Hub’s Local Development CLI.



  3. HubSpot CMS testing tools.

    Save time and costs with our pre-designed themes and templates.

    Our marketplace offers thousands of ad-free templates, modules, and themes that help you quickly enhance your website design. CMS Hub steps it up a notch by letting you make site-wide changes in a few clicks through a user-friendly control panel.

  4. HubSpot CMS website analytics.

    Offer a local browsing experience globally.

    Reaching a global audience has never been easier for small businesses. HubSpot CMS Hub lets you create multilingual websites, supporting more than 180 different languages.

  5. HubSpot CMS allows for local development.

    Personalize content to improve conversions.

    Go beyond the basics with personalized content in CMS Hub. Use personalization tokens to customize the experience for every visitor, and track visitor interactions across your site to boost conversions.

What are customers saying?

HubSpot CMS was named a "leader" by G2 Crowd in the Web Content Management landscape. Check out the full report and reviews here.

Instead of spending time designing and building web pages, CMS Hub allows me to focus on strategic campaigns to help drive sales.


Marketing Manager

HubSpot is trusted by over 135,000 businesses in more than 120 countries.

A Community That Has Your Back

HubSpot Solution Partners

HubSpot’s Solution Partner Program is a network of over a thousand agencies to help you resource your marketing strategy with HubSpot. Whether you need someone to help create content, set up ads, or build workflows, there’s a partner here for you.

HubSpot Community

Our Community is there when you need them. Whether it’s getting set up or figuring out the best way to customize Marketing Hub for your needs, there are over 85,000 community members ready to answer your questions.

Knowledge Base

You’re busy. You don’t have time to file a support ticket. You’re also extremely smart and can find answers on your own. Search our comprehensive Knowledge Base to answer any question you might have about our products.

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