HubSpot Partner, PR 20/20's Paul Roetzer, Explains How Inbound Marketing is Changing the PR Industry

Adopting a complete inbound marketing strategy was easy for PR 20/20 - collecting and analyzing measurable results wasn't. With HubSpot, the agency is now able to validate their online strategy with data-driven results.

PR 20/20 Team

About PR 20/20

PR 20/20 is an inbound marketing agency that combines content, public relations, social media and search marketing into integrated campaigns. We are the PR industry’s first provider of standardized services and set pricing.

Inbound Marketing Helps PR Companies Deliver More Value

HubSpot Partner, PR 20/20's Paul Roetzer explains Inbound Marketing is changing the PR industry.

"PR firms historically have not been able to show a strong return on investment. Everything we do is now highly measurable which to me has always been the holy grail of the PR industry, if you can figure out a way to provide measureable services you can retain clients. Retention becomes easy if you can always show a return."

"Demand is extremely high for inbound marketing services, the mass market acceptance of inbound marketing as a business philosphy will make room for more agencies like ours to build stable profitable business models."

HubSpot's Software Helps PR 20/20 Deliver More Value to Clients

HubSpot partner Paul Roetzer shows how HubSpot helps him provide more value to clients.

"Our goal is to consistently grow our clients businesses and the only way to do that is to have access to the data that lets us know if what we're doing is working. By having everything done through HubSpot we know in real time if what we're doing is working so we can adapt campaigns at all times."

"We use HubSpot's tools and free tools through google to do all the education people aren't getting through school or other agencies."

"I dont know if we could build a profitable model around inbound marketing services without it [HubSpot]."

HubSpot's Partner Program Has Helped PR 20/20 Grow

HubSpot Partner, PR 20/20's Paul Roetzer explains how the parter program is helping him grow his business 130%-150% this year.

"There is a lot of support coming from HubSpot to us as a partner and other potential partners. We love seeing HubSpot succeed and HubSpot does a lot to make us succeed."

"Our agency is on pace to grow 130%-150% this year when a lot of agencies have been cutting staff, we're actually adding staff. We are seeing rather steady growth and no sign of it plateauing. Obviously there is demand in the market for these services. I think its only going to increase as HubSpot's profile gets larger this year."

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