Tracepoint Drives Customer Satisfaction and Doubles Revenue as a HubSpot Partner

Since becoming a HubSpot Partner in 2012, Tracepoint has grown into an inbound marketing and automation thought-leader in the United Kingdom. Tracepoint was founded to help today’s forward-thinking tech companies successfully implement high-performing content marketing programmes across the major marketing automation platforms. It has a proven track record spanning a wide range of software and services companies.


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About Tracepoint

Tracepoint is a fast growing B2B marketing agency based in the United Kingdom that helps its clients connect their marketing investment to sales results. Simply put, they close the loop between sales and marketing.

Tracepoint Transformed using Inbound Marketing

James Cox, Managing Director at Tracepoint, had noticed that the power dynamic in the typical sales interaction has changed dramatically over the years. Buyers were increasingly coming into conversations after doing their own extensive research online.

James wanted Tracepoint to be at the forefront of that change and recognized inbound marketing as the most effective strategy to help sellers reach buyers earlier and more effectively.  

After working with other marketing automation platforms including Pardot, Marketo and Eloqua, James chose to work with HubSpot as it addressed some specific top of the funnel challenges beyond email marketing automation provided by the other vendors.

"HubSpot’s inbound methodology joins marketing to sales in an actionable way. It was a no brainer partnership."

James Cox

Managing Director


Tracepoint Helps Clients Convert More Leads With HubSpot’s Tools

With HubSpot, Tracepoint is able to help its clients engage their audience to drive more leads, convert more leads to customers, and measure every aspect of their campaigns. 

“Although we were initially skeptical of online lead generation, Tracepoint has generated an incremental pipeline in excess of £3.3 million and they have been a pleasure to work with throughout," says Tracepoint customer Samantha Keating, Sales Director at BIS in reference to inbound marketing.

Tracepoint’s customers also see the benefits of using inbound marketing to generate more qualified leads. “With warm leads to run through your HubSpot 'sales engine' you will start to find hot, sales-ready leads are produced at the other end,” says James.

Tracepoint has also helped its customers to measure their results using HubSpot’s Analytics tools. Many of these companies lacked the reporting capabilities to prove the value of their marketing activities.  “HubSpot enables our clients to see that rather than marketing being an expense it can have a significant impact on the bottom line,says James.

Tracepoint Becomes an Inbound Marketing Thought Leader

Tracepoint works in partnership with HubSpot’s support and services teams.  By working together, they have brought additional value to clients and apply learnings from the HubSpot Academy. James proclaimed, HubSpot is a goldmine of resources.  They’ve built their reputation sharing everything they have learned about modern marketing, and this show in numerious analysts reports such as this VB report on marketing automation vendor customer satisfaction.”  

"The HubSpot team are always on hand to answer any questions - from what to do about a Twitter account hack to optimizing website images", comments James.  "HubSpot’s support and services teams have been consistently reliable and have helped Tracepoint become a thought leader among marketing agencies."

“The education that goes around to direct users and to partners has been incredibly valuable and enjoyable,” says James.

Customer Satisfaction Drives Revenue and Employee Growth

Tracepoint saw its strategy working initially in the form of its customers' results and their satisfaction.  Clients who had implemented HubSpot’s software saw significant growth in their leads and revenue, making them more satisfied customers. 

Tracepoint takes customer satisfaction seriously and measures it regularly. In a recent survey, they saw that 100% of customers love working with their agency - 64% say it's a breeze, 100% are really satisfied - 82% are delighted, and 100% would recommend Tracepoint to a friend or colleague. 

In the last two years Tracepoint has doubled revenue and headcount and are now delighted to be recognized as a HubSpot Gold Partner.

"HubSpot helped us build the agency we had always dreamed of having."

James Cox

Managing Director


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