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HubSpot Customer Platform

Put your customers first and grow better with HubSpot’s AI-powered customer platform.

  • Connect your front office teams through a complete view of the customer journey.

  • Use AI-powered tools to deliver a seamless customer experience

  • Easily adapt to emerging industry trends and technologies.

  1. To grow better, you need to connect better.

    Traditional CRMs alone aren't enough to drive growth. Most aren’t designed for customer connection, which is critical in an AI-driven world where customers can explore, evaluate, and buy with efficiency.

    HubSpot’s customer platform is so much more. It’s powered by Smart CRM that combines customer data with AI to help you adapt, products for engaging customers across the entire journey, and an ecosystem of integrations, education, and community. It’s built for businesses to connect with customers, and grow better.

  1. Connect your teams and tools to the customer journey.

    Never miss another follow-up, handoff, or deal-closing opportunity again. With products to help all your front office teams engage with customers and Smart CRM to tie it all together, connecting the dots between customer interactions is easier than ever. Marketing, sales, and service teams all share the same underlying database, so everyone has visibility into each stage in the customer's journey. The proof is in a frictionless customer experience.
  2. Ignite growth while reducing cost.

    Stop wasting resources on disparate tools with disconnected data. Centralizing your go-to-market efforts on a single customer platform saves you money and time as you scale. HubSpot is designed to grow with your company, making it easy to adopt products for every customer-facing team and phase of growth over time.
  3. Easily adapt to emerging trends and technologies.

    Traditional CRMs are slow to respond to changes in customer expectations, but HubSpot’s customer platform is agile — constantly evolving to emerging trends and technologies. And with HubSpot’s connected ecosystem of app integrations, templates, educational resources, and a thriving user community, you’ll stay ahead of the industry so you’re always providing the best possible customer experience.
  4. Deliver on your customer promises with AI-powered tools.

    Drive efficiency, spark creativity, and maximize engagement with HubSpot’s AI-powered tools. HubSpot AI helps you unlock a smarter way to work by automating tasks and revealing valuable insights. Harness the power of AI to deliver a seamless customer experience to your audience – and deliver on every customer promise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A customer platform is HubSpot’s AI-powered solution comprised of three key components: engagement features that connect your front office with customers across their entire journey; Smart CRM that combines customer data with artificial intelligence to power the entire platform; and a connected ecosystem that extends the customer platform with an app marketplace, educational content, and an engaging community network. 

  • No. CRM is one part of the HubSpot customer platform. HubSpot’s Smart CRM includes a data layer and a system of record that unites all of HubSpot’s products on a single customer platform. Your CRM just got a major upgrade.

  • HubSpot Smart CRM connects all of HubSpot’s products to a central, AI-powered system of record that unifies, enriches, and de-duplicates customer data across traditionally disparate data sources. HubSpot’s Smart CRM helps you capitalize on insights instantly with guidance and assistance to deliver intelligent outcomes.

    Here’s how HubSpot Smart CRM differs from traditional CRMs:

    • A traditional CRM is unified by force. HubSpot Smart CRM is unified by default. Businesses no longer have to deal with data software (i.e. CRM software) that’s siloed from engagement software (e.g. marketing, sales, and customer service software). Smart CRM unifies both across the ecosystem and throughout the customer journey.
    • A traditional CRM is hard to configure. Smart CRM is easy to customize. HubSpot’s Smart CRM removes complexity to make customization and extensibility fast and user friendly so businesses can spend more time connecting with customers, and less time tinkering with IT.
    • A traditional CRM gives you information. Smart CRM gives you intelligence. While legacy CRM offers information to businesses and leaves engagement and connection on the table, Smart CRM delivers actionable intelligence across the customer platform so business can connect and grow.
  • HubSpot’s customer platform is made up of six core products to help you engage with customers: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Content Hub, Operations Hub, and Commerce Hub.

    Each product in the platform has a built-in connection to HubSpot Smart CRM, a foundational database that provides you with incredible insight into every contact at each stage in their customer journey. Although our products are powerful on their own, the real magic happens when you use them together. Learn more about HubSpot’s products.