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Welcome to the Definitive Blueprint for Lead Management

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Welcome! This blueprint will accelerate your lead management knowledge and expertise from 0-60 in no time at all. We've created this guide so that marketers at all expertise levels can learn all about lead management, including why it's necessary, what the important components and steps are, and how to select a software package that meets their needs.

What Makes Lead Management Necessary?

Did you know that at least 50% of your leads aren't sales-ready after their first conversion on your website? Purchase decisions take time. In fact, research from Gleanster suggests that even when it comes to qualified leads, more than 50% of leads arent ready to buy on the day they first convert on your site. Youve put a lot of work into attracting leads, and how you manage them after the conversion will determine if that time was well spent.

It makes your sales team more efficient and effective.
Time is money, the saying goes. Walk into any active sales room and its easy to tell how time intensive most sales operations are. To make those hours spent worthwhile, its important to ensure that your sales team is only talking to the most qualified leads. Lead management helps you filter out the unqualified leads and better understand the buying cycle of your good leads.

It makes your marketing smarter and more cost-efficient
Inbound marketers put out a lot of content on a regular basis. But how do you understand which content helped move the needle for your sales team? Lead management enables you to identify which content and channels brought in your best, most qualified leads so you can focus your marketing activities and time on those.

It creates a better experience for prospects and leads.
In a lead management system, content delivered to leads is targeted and tailored to their interests. In addition, because lead management documents leads full history of interactions with your company, leads dont have to spend as much time educating your sales team about their interests. Sales and marketing are already aligned. The result is a much less fragmented experience for your leads.

About The Author of The Definitive Blueprint for Lead Management
By Meghan Keaney Anderson
As a marketing manager at HubSpot, Meghan is specializing in product definition and promotion. She came to HubSpot through the company's 2011 acquisition of Performable, a marketing automation and analytics start-up.
At Performable, Meghan championed the marketing efforts, working to build the performable brand and online presence.

Meghan also teaches writing for mass communication as an adjunct professor at Boston University's College of Communication.

You can follow Meghan on Twitter at @MeghKeaney
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