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Easily create, send, and track professional invoices from HubSpot’s customer platform.

  • Create professional invoices for you and your customers with embedded payment links

  • Gain a full picture of revenue in one place, alongside your customer data

  • Consolidate invoicing on one platform with your payments and quoting

  1. Invoicing made easy.

    Tired of all the steps it takes to go from “deal closed” to “paid”?

    Now you can cut the time it takes to request payment from your buyers. Get paid faster by creating invoices directly from quotes and deals. Get rid of excess tools and tabs, and embrace invoicing and payment on HubSpot's customer platform.

    With HubSpot invoices, you can build a billing process both you and your customers will love.

  1. Automate the manual work.

    Eliminate the pain of payment collection. Easily send branded, professional invoices and collect payment directly from the invoice. Plus, track which customers still owe you and use automation to follow up on overdue payments.
  2. Combine your tools on HubSpot's customer platform.

    Say goodbye to multiple tabs and tedious processes. With invoicing available in HubSpot alongside quoting and payments, you can run your entire commerce process with HubSpot. It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief … commerce just got a lot easier.
  3. Put revenue reporting on autopilot.

    Stop chasing down numbers from different systems just to do your revenue reporting. With invoices and payments working directly with your CRM, you’ll get a complete picture of your revenue alongside your customer and deal data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • An invoice is a document provided by the seller to the buyer to facilitate the collection of payment. It lists the goods or services provided by the seller and the price owed by the buyer.

  • Invoices in HubSpot are a feature native to HubSpot, distinct from QuickBooks invoice records tracked in HubSpot via the QuickBooks integration. 

  • Popular invoices features in HubSpot include:

    • Professional-looking invoices
    • Invoice reporting and automation
    • Easy-to-use invoice builder
    • Invoices hosted on your domain
    • Checkout directly from invoices
    • Invoice creation from deals and quotes
    • Invoice permissions
  • At this time, yes. Only enrolled HubSpot payments merchants are able to create invoices in HubSpot. Invoices must be published with at least one digital HubSpot payments option (e.g. ACH or credit card), but buyers do not necessarily need to complete the payment with the published payments option. 

    Learn more about HubSpot payments here. Currently only U.S.-based Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition customers have access to use HubSpot payments, and we are hard at work to expand globally.

  • Viewing and managing invoices in HubSpot does not require you to be a paid user of Sales Hub. Members of your accounting and finance department can have access to managing invoices in HubSpot for free, or they can be shared with your accounting system through automation.

  • Invoices are a free feature in HubSpot, but only enrolled HubSpot payments merchants are able to create invoices manually. For ACH payments with HubSpot payments, merchants pay 0.5% of the transaction amount, capped at $10 per transaction. For card transactions, a 2.9% fee is applied.