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Omni-Channel Customer Service

Connect with customers across multiple channels on a unified CRM platform. Give your agents the context they need to give customers the omni-channel customer service experience they deserve.

Agent switching channels to email
  • This feature is available for free, with additional functionality in premium editions of Service Hub. See the pricing page for more information.

  • Service Hub supports:

    • Live chat
    • Email
    • Facebook Messenger
    • The ability to seamlessly switch between channels


  1. Meet customers where they are, when they need you.

    When your support team lacks context, your customers suffer. They feel unseen and undervalued as they engage across different channels with reps who can’t connect the dots.

    Put the customer first and deliver service that feels authentic with omni-channel messaging in Service Hub. Resolve issues with ease across email, chat, and Facebook Messenger. Empower your team to seamlessly move between those channels, meeting your customer where they are and when they need you.


Customer Champion Ribbon
  1. Deliver support on your customers' preferred channels.

    Customers connect with you on the go, and sometimes the channel on which they raise an issue isn’t where they want resolution. Meet your customers’ need for asynchronous communication with the ability to switch from chat and Facebook Messenger to email, all while preserving the conversation thread in one place, in real time.
  2. Have the context you need for every interaction.

    Uncoordinated handoffs and out-of-sync teams leave customers feeling burdened by having to repeat the same issue multiple times. With all channels connected to your CRM records, Service Hub gives your team the context they need to deliver a consistent experience across channels. Offer customers authenticity without sacrificing your teams’ efficiency.
    Context needed for Chat Engagement
  3. Effortlessly switch between channels.

    Switching between multiple tools to reach resolution takes its toll on reps as tickets accumulate. Ease the burden on your team by giving them an easy-to-use, centralized service platform. Reach resolution within one thread, on one screen, while connecting with your customer across multiple channels.

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Anytime you have a more robust picture of a customer, your interactions with the customer are going to be better. HubSpot gives us that complete picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Omni-channel customer service means reaching your customers when they need you, where they need you while maintaining a consistent experience. Your team can address issues across multiple channels with a centralized view of all previous customer interactions.

  • Absolutely. There is no programming required to start using Service Hub. We've created Service Hub with automation and contextual guidance built right in so you can start scaling your support operations in minutes — not months. And if you're looking for more customization and expertise, our solutions partners offer specialized support to help you get the most out of HubSpot.

  • You can get started with Service Hub for free. If you want more advanced features to help automate and scale your support operations, HubSpot offers premium features with Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

  • You'll find more than 1,000 custom integrations in our App Marketplace. From Jira to Slack to Facebook Messenger, it's easy to connect HubSpot to your service team's favorite tools in just a few clicks. We want you to spend less time toggling between different tools and more time working hands-on with your customers.