What you need to know, when you need to know it. Key insights from HubSpot's marketing and sales platform are just a few taps away so that you can stay connected with your team and your business from wherever you are.

Everything you love about HubSpot in one on-the-go experience.

Manage your full HubSpot stack in one powerful app.

Customize your mobile digest to display the most important marketing and sales metrics at a glance.

Performance Metrics

Instantly get a sense of what efforts are moving the needle. Decide which metrics you want to prioritize across your marketing and sales funnels and bring them front and center.

Stay Connected With Your Team

The performance of your team is in the palm of your hand. Keep an eye on your sales leaderboard and stay in the loop with the latest updates.

Pipeline Insight

Know which deals are moving forward, get status updates, and dig into contact and company timelines to manage your sales process on the go.

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  • Marketing
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Your entire database in your pocket.

Access to your most important asset, your contacts. Easily pull up contact records to get more context when you're on the move.







Reporting for duty.

Look sharp with new email, landing page, and blog reporting features. Enhanced email marketing analytics measure the impact of your campaigns so that you can follow your contacts journey down the marketing funnel.







Stay on top of sales activity.

Understand quickly who opens your emails, when, how many times, and from where so you can communicate the smart way.




Before deciding on the HubSpot CRM, Sponge-Jet compared many different CRM services. What we found is that for the cost, there wasn’t a better mobile friendly CRM on the market. HubSpot has consistently grown its mobile CRM capabilities over the last 12 months.