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    HubSpot Contacts A Smarter Way to Manage Your Database

    hubspot lead management

    Say goodbye to disconnected tools and disparate databases. HubSpot brings data from every touchpoint with your leads into one clean view that you and your sales team will love. Say hello to the next generation marketing database.


    So What Makes Us Different?

    See the whole picture for every lead

    HubSpot’s contacts database draws details from every touchpoint between your leads and your brand, and organizes them all for you in one place.

    Built with marketers & sales reps in mind

    With Contacts, marketers can segment, score, and market to leads easily. Sales reps can see every touchpoint between a lead and your company.

    Integrates with every tool you use

    Integrate with Salesforce and other popular tools like GoToWebinar and Wistia with ease. You can build custom integrations based on your specific needs.


    See Every Touchpoint With Timeline

    Empower your sales team with timeline, a chronological list of every interaction between a contact and your company. Emails, website visits, social mentions, webinars, video views and more — all in one place.

    lead timeline


    See a chronological list of every interaction, including website visits, emails, webinars, videos, and social media. Share it all with your team through your CRM.

    Custom properties

    Create custom properties to store virtually any kind of data in Contacts. Add and edit data right inside HubSpot and it instantly syncs to your CRM.

    Prospect tracking

    Know which companies are visiting your website even before they fill out a form. When they do convert, automatically associate them with their past actions.

    segment and score

    Segment & Score Based On Every Little Detail

    Build powerful segments to send emails, personalize website content, power marketing automation campaigns, and more. Score leads based on any characteristic or behavior or let us do the work for you with predictive lead scoring.

    Segment your database

    Successful marketing starts with segmentation of your contacts database. Contacts makes it easy to build segments that take every detail about a lead or contact into account.

    Score leads for sales

    Sum up important interactions in the form of a manual lead score that helps your sales team prioritize who they follow up with and when, and sync it to your CRM system.

    Predictive Lead Scoring

    Don’t worry about figuring out how to set up your lead scores. We will create your model and provide lead scores for your contacts based on historical data with HubSpot Enterprise.

    List Performance
    Enterprise & Pro Only

    About a quarter of your marketing database decays each year. Keep your contact lists healthy and active by getting the data you need on your important segments.

    list analytics


    Growth is the key to building powerful segments. Keep track of the changes in your lists to avoid database decay.


    Healthy segments are active segments. List Analytics makes it easy to see how your contacts are engaging with your marketing across your funnel.

    Key Breakdowns

    Data on your segments like original source, current lifecycle stage and geographical location gives you deeper insight into your contacts lists.

    integrate with every tool

    Convert Leads Using Forms & Progressive Profiling

    Build forms to convert leads using our simple drag-and-drop interface. Use progressive profiling to queue new questions and learn more about your contacts over time. Customize the look, feel, and behavior of your forms easily.

    Drag-and-drop form builder

    Creating a new form is as simple as dragging and dropping fields into place. Easily add labels and stylize your form in HubSpot.

    Progressive profiling

    Learn more about your leads over time instead of asking them the same questions. Queue as many questions you want in any order.

    Embed forms anywhere

    Add forms to HubSpot landing pages easily, or copy & paste the code onto your website to use HubSpot forms anywhere.

    Integrate With Every Tool Your Team Uses

    The power of Contacts is in its integration with the rest of your marketing toolset. Contacts integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce and marketing tools like GoToWebinar right out of the box. Explore the possibilities.

    Your CRM system

    Contacts can integrate with any CRM system, and features a native integration with Salesforce to keep your marketing & sales systems in perfect sync.

    Social media

    Contacts is connected to every tool in HubSpot right out of the box, including HubSpot social media. See relevant social interactions right in the timeline.

    Marketing tools

    Contacts features deep integrations with common marketing tools like GoToWebinar & Wistia, and can be connected to hundreds of other tools with Zapier.


    “One of the things I like about HubSpot is the ability to go to a contact record, see all of their vital information, see what they’ve done, see all of the scoring, see all of the lists that they’re a member of... In HubSpot, I get it all in one place.

    Norm Lowe
    Marketing Operations Manager Ektron

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