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Lead Management

A smarter way to manage your database.

A single unified database

Stop wasting time combining data from different tools. HubSpot’s Contacts database seamlessly integrates every marketing or sales interaction into a single profile.

Insights that drive actions

All-in-one contact intelligence makes it easy to build targeted lists, score your leads, or automate your email campaigns.


Say goodbye to disconnected tools and disparate databases. HubSpot brings data from every touchpoint with your leads into one clean view that you and your sales team will love.

So, what makes us different?

See the whole picture for every lead

HubSpot’s contacts database draws details from every touchpoint between your leads and your brand, and organizes them all for you in one place.

Built with marketers and sales reps in mind

With Contacts, marketers can segment, score, and connect with leads easily. Sales reps can easily drill into every interaction between a lead and your company.

Connected to every tool your team uses

Integrate with Salesforce and other popular tools like GoToWebinar and Wistia with ease. You can build custom integrations based on your specific needs.

Rich context on every contact and company

  • Empower your sales team with the contact timeline, a chronological list of every interaction between a contact and your company. Surface the timeline in HubSpot and your CRM. [Professional & Enterprise]

    Lead Management - HubSpot
  • The power of Contacts is in its integration with the rest of your marketing toolset. Contacts integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce and marketing tools like GoToWebinar right out of the box.

    Integrate with Every Tool You Need - HubSpot Lead Management
  • Build forms to convert leads using our simple drag-and-drop interface. Customize the look, feel, and behavior of your forms easily. Use progressive profiling to queue new questions and learn more about your contacts with each conversion.

    Lead Intelligence & Forms - HubSpot Lead Management
Lead Management - HubSpot Integrate with Every Tool You Need - HubSpot Lead Management Lead Intelligence & Forms - HubSpot Lead Management

On average, companies using HubSpot’s lead management tool see 4.77x more leads per month within one year.

One database, endless possibilities

Score Leads - HubSpot Lead Management Segment Your Database - HubSpot Lead Management Deeply Connected to CRM - HubSpot Lead Management
  • Score leads based on any characteristic or behavior, or let us do the work for you with predictive lead scoring. Use your lead scores to prioritize follow-ups for your sales team, or let your reps know about the activities of their hottest leads through HubSpot’s automation platform.

    Score Leads - HubSpot Lead Management
  • Build powerful segments to send emails, personalize website content, power marketing automation campaigns, and more. Segment based on any data you’ve collected, or on dozens of insights collected by HubSpot over time.

    Segment Your Database - HubSpot Lead Management
  • HubSpot Contacts connects deeply with HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, or many other common CRM systems. Fully available APIs mean Contacts can connect to virtually any tool or system. [Professional & Enterprise]

    Deeply Connected to CRM - HubSpot Lead Management


Contact Timeline

Both marketers & sales reps can see every interaction a lead takes, all in a single consolidated timeline.

List Segmentation

Segment your database around your most important filters - properties, website visits, email interactions, and more.

Custom Properties

Create as many custom fields as you need to store your most critical contact details.

Anonymous Prospects

Gain insight into the companies and individuals visiting your site, even before they identify themselves. See useful details like company name, location, number of visits, pages viewed, and more.

Import & Export

Quickly import existing records or data from anywhere via CSV file. Export any data, anytime through List Segmentation.

Lead Scoring

Create your own criteria to score leads [Professional], or let HubSpot create a scoring system customized with your historical data in mind [Enterprise].

Starting at $200 / month. Included with your HubSpot Basic, Professional, or Enterprise subscription.

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