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Acuity Scheduling vs HubSpot

Your sales and services teams are busy, and the last thing they need is extra work organizing calendars manually. This page compares two top-rated meeting schedulers — Acuity Scheduling and HubSpot — to help you choose the application that’s right for you.

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In your process to find the best appointment and meeting scheduling app for your business, you might wonder how Acuity Scheduling compares to HubSpot. Acuity Scheduling provides comprehensive scheduling capabilities to help your team book meetings efficiently. HubSpot provides a meetings scheduling app with features that save time for sales teams while booking meetings, which helps them focus on building relationships and winning new business instead of worrying about the little things.


HubSpot specializes in saving time for your sales team. With HubSpot's meetings scheduler, users choose from custom settings like meeting types, time zones, branding options, and form questions to create an efficient scheduling experience. Once your availability is in front of your clients, a meeting is only one click away. Plus, using the meeting scheduling app means getting the rest of the Sales Hub along with it, which provides not only meeting solutions but also features to solve for any problem on your sales team. Even better? It works seamlessly with the rest of your HubSpot Growth Stack.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an appointment and meeting scheduling software solution built for small to large-sized businesses. Its interface includes tools for clients to self-book, integrate with your calendars, send customer confirmations, adjust for times zones, and set up scheduling for memberships and group classes.

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HubSpot Capabilities

The header says it all. With HubSpot's meeting scheduler, there's no cap on the number of meetings you can book. This means no more missed opportunities for your business. 

The HubSpot meeting scheduler app integrates with multiple calendars and knows your schedule for you. Automatically sync your calendars so you never worry about double bookings or missing meetings again. 

HubSpot's meeting scheduler works on desktop, tablet and mobile. On-the-go scheduling has never been easier. And with seamless syncing between Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365, your calendar will match no matter which device or application you check it.

Not meeting runs exactly the same, and there's no one-size-fits-all meeting type. At times, you might need to take meetings solo, sometimes as a group - other times it’s whoever can take the meeting first. HubSpot's meeting scheduler prioritizes flexibility and can support personal, round robin, or group scheduling.

Managing a calendar is a lot of work. With HubSpot, you can setup features to make your calendar feel more manageable. You'll have the option to build buffer time between meetings, require custom advance notice for bookings, set multiple durations, and more-so you can take meetings however works best for you.

If a prospect schedules a meeting via your website, it might very well be the first time they're interacting with your brand. Highlight your brand colors, leverage logo placements, and customize your URL links so you can set the best first impression.

For returning users and customers, you can wow them even further by leveraging personalization tokens to give your meetings a familiar touch.

With the integration of HubSpot's free form builder and the free meeting scheduler, you'll be able to capture quality information about a prospect. This saves you time and provides you with valuable context about your contact before the meeting.

Localize language, time zones, date style, and number formatting

Share your meetings link anywhere or embed directly on your website

Setup automated notifications via email, so your reps know whenever someone books a meeting.

HubSpot's meeting scheduler is a part of HubSpot's free CRM. Thus, when someone books a meeting with your team, all the information will automatically sync and update your HubSpot CRM. Better information, data, and historic tracking means better interactions with prospects and customers, alike.

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HubSpot is named the #1 Best Product for Marketers in G2 Crowd Best Software Awards in 2020 and 2019.

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