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The 5 Best Meeting Schedulers

There are plenty of online meeting schedulers. Learn about the popular choices in the market, and make an informed decision on which tool suits your business best.

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In the early days, when a business is just ramping up, the back and forth communications that come with scheduling meetings is manageable.

“Are you available next Tuesday? No? What about Wednesday? I’m busy at noon...is there another time that works for you?”

But what happens once you start to grow? Your time becomes more valuable and an elementary system of back-and-forth emails with a lead simply doesn’t cut it anymore. You need a better way, and fast.

That’s what a meetings tool is for.

But there are so many options out there - where do you start?

To help you choose the best meeting scheduling solution for your company, we researched the most recommended meetings tools for startups and growing teams. We collected reviews, highlights, and comparative features of each to help you evaluate the best meetings tool that suits your business needs in order to help you grow better.

Popular Meeting Scheduler Apps

To choose the five best meetings tools for small businesses and startups, we looked at review websites, business websites, and other credible online sources.

The table below compares HubSpot’s meetings tool with other meetings tools and shows the average ratings across thousands of reviews so you can choose the best meetings scheduler for your small business or startup.

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 HubSpot Mixmax Calendly setmore acuity scheduling

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Criteria to Select the Best Meetings Tool

  • Between juggling work, passion projects, family events - even you don’t know your availability. A good meeting tool integrates with multiple calendars and knows your schedule for you.

  • Capture quality information about a prospect using custom form questions, saving you time and providing you with valuable context about your contact before the meeting.

  • Take every opportunity to show your customers who you are. The right meetings tool has opportunities to highlight your brand with custom color choices and logo placements.

  • Sometimes you take meetings solo, sometimes as a group - other times it’s whoever can take the meeting first. You and your team are flexible, your meetings tool should be too.

  • There’s no limit to the incredible work you and your team can accomplish, which means you need a tool that won’t limit the types and amount of meetings you can schedule.


The Benefits of a Meetings Tool

Eliminate the back and forth.

It won't take you days or weeks to find the right time to book.

Get more meetings on the books.

An easy-to-share link will help you book more meetings.

Create a better experience.

Look professional, and make it easy for prospects to find time with you.

Why HubSpot?

What makes the Sales Hub meetings tool the best option for small businesses?

The HubSpot meetings tool was built with you and your modern sales team in mind. Intuitive and automatic where other systems are complicated and manual, meetings takes care of all the small details for you - scheduling and logging meetings, localization options, custom meeting types, simple branding options - freeing up valuable selling time in the process. Even better? It works seamlessly with your HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub.

Here are some reasons that HubSpot is the top meetings solution for small businesses.

  1. CustomFormQuestions_Border-1

    Capture quality information while prospects book a meeting.

    Use a meetings link instead of a traditional form to gather quality information about your prospects, allowing you to skip the step of capturing a lead first before the back-and-forth coordinating to get a meeting on the books. Do it all at once instead!

  2. sales-meetings-screenshot

    Embed your meetings tool on your site or send a standard meeting link.

    Embedding the meetings directly on your site provides a more cohesive user experience for your prospects and gives you the chance to blend the tool right in with your branding. Or, if you prefer, send a standard meetings link instead.

  3. CRM_Border-1

    See when a contact books a meeting.

    One great thing about about the meetings tool in HubSpot is it works seamlessly with your other HubSpot products. When someone books a meeting with you, it will automatically show up in your HubSpot CRM contact newsfeed - goodbye, data entry!

What are customers saying?

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Start scheduling meetings faster with HubSpot.

You now know how a meetings scheduling tool will benefit your business and what to look for when choosing the right tool for you. You’ve also seen the best meetings tool options for small businesses side-to-side. Let’s take the next step.

Enjoy unlimited meetings, multiple calendar integrations, and more features to help you stay organized without a thought.