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Mixmax vs HubSpot

If your prospects and customers want to get in touch with you, it should be easy. Finding a meeting app that seamlessly integrates with your business is essential. This page compares two popular meeting scheduling apps—HubSpot and Mixmax—to make your evaluation process simpler.

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In your process to find the best appointment and meeting scheduler for your business, you might wonder how Mixmax compares to HubSpot. Mixmax is a sales tool that includes a meetings scheduler feature which makes booking appointments easier by allowing you to select and share available time slots via email. HubSpot is a sales, marketing, and customer platform with a meetings scheduling app that supports multiple calendar integrations for easy and efficient scheduling via a personal link or embedding your meetings calendar on your website.


HubSpot is an all-on-one platform. With HubSpot, double booking protection isn’t necessary. That's because your meetings tool integrates with as many calendars as you choose, and clients are only shown times when you are truly available. Plus, using HubSpot’s meeting scheduler means getting the rest of the HubSpot's sales tools along with it, which provides not only meeting solutions but also a number of features to solve for any problem on your sales team.


Mixmax is a set of sales solutions that includes meetings scheduler software for almost instant scheduling via email. Mixmax does not pull your availability from a calendar for you, you must enter your availability and meeting details each time you want to book. Double booking protection is an optional upgrade to keep your clients from selecting a time that may already be booked.

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HubSpot's Meeting Scheduler Capabilities

Between juggling work, passion projects, family events - even you don’t know your availability. The HubSpot meeting scheduler app integrates with multiple calendars, including popular third party calendars, and knows your schedule for you. You can build buffer time between meetings and require custom advance notice for bookings to maintain the perfect balance for your schedule.

There’s no limit to the incredible work you and your team can accomplish, which means you need a meeting scheduler tool that won’t limit the types and amount of meetings you can schedule.

Sometimes you take meetings solo, sometimes as a group - other times it’s whoever can take the meeting first. You and your team are flexible, so you need a meeting scheduler that's flexible too.

Plus, with HubSpot's meeting scheduler, you can set multiple durations for your prospects to choose from, so you'll always have enough time to meet.

HubSpot gives your sales team complete brand control. Highlight your brand and stand out in competitive markets with custom color choices, logo placements, and URL links. 

HubSpot's free forms tool, which integrates with the meeting scheduler, allows sales reps to capture quality information about a prospect. This saves you time and provides you with valuable context about your contact before the meeting.

HubSpot's meeting scheduler works on across all device types, so you can use meetings on-the-go, in any setting.

Build buffer increments between meetings and require advance notice for bookings, so you're never overbooked.

Localize language, time zones, date style, and number formatting, enabling you to take meetings from prospects and customers across the globe.

Automatically update HubSpot's Smart CRM when contacts book, allowing you to personalize meetings, track the buyer's journey, and report on ROI.

Get an email notification whenever someone books a meeting with you, so you never miss an opportunity as it arises.

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Finally, a meetings tool your sales team will actually use.

Enjoy unlimited meetings, multiple calendar integrations, and more features to help you stay organized without a thought.