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Choosing the marketing platform for your business is an important decision. This page compares Act-On and HubSpot, so you can determine the best software to power your growth.
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 HubSpot Act-On

RANKED #1by marketers.

RANKED #4by marketers.


EASY-TO-USE YET ROBUST SOFTWARE making it easier to get things done.

PROVIDES BASIC FUNCTIONALITY suited for beginners, but marketers quickly grow out of.


MARKETING DATA IN ONE PLACE giving you powerful analytics like campaign reporting and marketing ROI tracking.

MULTIPLE TOOLS REQUIRED making it much harder to measure effectiveness

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An all-in-one marketing platform that supports your growing business now, and in the future.


HubSpot customers benefit from the convenience of an all-in-one platform. What makes HubSpot different from others claiming to be a truly “all-in-one” system is its offering of a wide array of tools, all built to work together seamlessly. Because HubSpot is able to deliver more than surface-level results, we’ve been able to delight over 10,000 customers since 2006.


HubSpot customers using the robust and integrated platform gain the ability to:

  • Compare the effectiveness of each marketing channel in producing visitors, leads, and customers. 
  • View every asset associated with a particular campaign on one dashboard, and see which touch points are driving the most visitors, leads and customers.
  • Monitor not only interactions people are having with them Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but identify which of those people are target leads in their database.
  • Target leads with personalized content across landing pages, emails, blog and website.


Act-On is an all-in-one solution for beginner marketers. This, coupled with its low-cost month-to-month pricing, makes it a great tool for first-time digital marketers, but often drives them to switch to a more sophisticated platform as they outgrow Act-On’s limited functionality.  The platform has many tools under one roof, but lacks a complete toolset or the level of integration needed by marketers with more than basic needs.

Some areas where Act-On’s platform lacks deep functionality and power include:

  • It shows how many leads and conversions have been generated, but  doesn’t provide closed loop analytics without a separate CRM.
  • It can sync with Salesforce, but only in batches every 4 hours, delaying the important delivery of hot leads to sales.
  • It provides landing page conversion metrics, but no information on which channels drove the most conversions to that page.
  • Lead scoring is limited to native Act-On fields, it can’t accommodate fields that you may have customized on a form for your business.
  • It provides tools to publish to Twitter, but does not include social media monitoring tools to see interactions with the hottest leads from your database.


"Before purchasing Act-On, we reviewed other automated marketing platforms and were told by multiple competitors, 'You get what you pay for.' This is absolutely true."

Act-On Customer Eric Lehnen, Marketing Specialist at Infinite Campus
Source: TrustRadius

"I will be strongly recommending a new system, particularly as our company grows from a smaller startup to a mid-sized company."

Act-On Customer 
Source: TrustRadius

Michael Freeman Shoretel
What makes HubSpot so appealing is its all-in-oneness. The fewer tools that I have to use, the better off I am. It's easier to get people trained. I'm less likely to have to jerry rig things together to make them happen."
Michael Freeman
Sr. Manager of Search and Analytics

HubSpot makes sure your emails get delivered to your prospects.


HubSpot’s tools support inbound marketing activities for the entire marketing funnel, including the email channel. Because HubSpot and its customers maintain clean databases of contacts who have voluntarily opted-in to receive our emails, we’re able to provide our customers with extremely high email sender scores and deliverability rates. A higher sender score means that emails actually get delivered to prospects instead of bouncing from their inbox or getting marked as spam.


Many Act-On customers have publicly complained about poor e-mail deliverability rates, as well as the Act-On team’s inability to remedy the issues. Act-On customers often resort to buying email lists because Act-On does not enable an effective top-of-the-funnel lead generation strategy. When customers buy lists and send emails to people who have not opted-in their communications, it hurts their sender score and ultimately leads to poor email deliverability rates. Because customers on a marketing automation platform share sender scores, everyone’s deliverability rates can suffer when only one customer from the group employs questionable email tactics. That means that anyone on a platform that encourage spammy email tactics can suffer, no matter how great of an inbound marketer they are.

"I have been trying to address this issue with Act-On's deliverability team, but it seems to be something they have resigned to convince their customers to live with.

Act-On Customer Andre of Brasil Beneficios

“Act-On tried to address some of the email deliverability problems we had but did not help.”

Source: TrustRadius


Easily bring all of your analytics into one place, and turn your reporting into an actionable strategy.


HubSpot’s Analytics Tools put all of your data in one single location with an easy-to understand interface. HubSpot provides you with micro and macro analytics for each tool in the platform. More than that, it integrates data from all of your tools into actionable reports and dashboards without any manual tracking URL or integrations needed. This gives you a complete and accurate set of data to report on, along with the flexibility to customize reports that track the progress of your marketing efforts against your goals over time. So you can do more than report on your efforts -- you can improve them.


HubSpot customers see many benefits from the platform’s analytics and reporting, including:

  • Visitor, lead, and customer generation reports throughout the platform for every tool and channel.
  • Engagement analytics for calls-to-action, social media, and even individual website click-events (available in the Enterprise package).
  • A Campaigns Dashboard to view the ongoing progress of content associated with a campaign across different channels, to help identify better optimization opportunities.
  • An integrated toolset that doesn’t necessitate manual tracking URLs or integrations, which vastly decreases chances for error in analytics.


Act-On brings more digital marketing data to beginning marketers as compared to tools like Google Analytics. But once these marketers begin to understand how their digital marketing data impacts their business, Act-On's analytics and reporting often prove to be too elementary. For example, Act-On doesn't allow a marketer to see how different elements of a multi-channel campaign are performing against each other in real-time. Even though Act-On can be considered an “all-in-one” solution for executing marketing activities, it necessitates manual tracking URLs and integrating multiple tools for “all-in-one” reporting.

Some limitations Act-On customers face in analytics and reporting are that:

  • It shows how many visitors and leads were generated in a month, but doesn’t compare which marketing channels they came from.
  • Its closed-loop reporting capabilities are limited to what's stored in a CRM, they don’t provide a comparison of the number of customers generated from Twitter against Facebook, or other channels like PPC.
  • It requires manually exporting data from a CRM and importing it into Act-On to prepare revenue reporting.
  • It provides Twitter traffic metrics, but doesn’t show how many customers or ROI were generated by Twitter or other social media networks and marketing channels.


We can compare different marketing channels and how performance changes over time, allowing us to see where our marketing dollars are being spent most effectively."
Rob Sobers
Director of Inbound Marketing

The people have spoken: HubSpot is #1 in customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, marketers are buying software to make their lives easier. For a truly satisfying software choice, the tools they use must be both user-friendly and powerful enough to yield a high ROI. HubSpot has delighted five times as many customers as Act-On thanks to its easy-to-use tools, robust reporting, live and on-demand training, and cream-of-the-crop consulting and support.  But don’t just take our word for it...


  • Ranked #1 by marketers on G2Crowd
  • Ranked #1 by VentureBeat in the Marketing Automation Index
  • 10,000+ customers strong


  • Ranked #5 by marketers on G2Crowd
  • Ranked #7 by VentureBeat in the Marketing Automation Index
  • ~ 2000 customers


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