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Client Growth Award Winner

Learn how 3P Creative helped grow a B2B software company's pipeline by 1,200%

The Client Growth Award recognizes an agency that helped a client experience rapid growth with inbound marketing practices.

After only five months of working with their client, 3P Creative Group was able to increase their client’s website traffic by 44% (or 130% compared to the same period last year) and their number of leads by 90%. More importantly, their pipeline is filled now with well-qualified leads and potential deals worth 13 times more than compared to last year.

Interested in learning how exactly 3P Creative Group helped their client achieve these results in only five months? Click the link below to learn more!


  • money_picto.png


    More overall website traffic

  • increase_picto.png


    MozRank (increased from 4.1)

  • email_picto.png


    Click rate for new blog notification emails


3P Creative Group is an inbound marketing agency that combines strategy, creativity and data-driven analysis that gives their clients a competitive edge and drives exceptional growth for software and technology companies, educational institutions and alternative energy companies. The company also helps European businesses looking to establish a presence in the United States or around the globe.

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