Additional HubSpot Portal


Enable your business to grow faster, scale faster, and move faster.

Keep growing your inbound strategy with an Additional HubSpot Portal.

An Additional HubSpot Portal will allow you to scale your inbound strategy and expand the already proven methodology to other segments of your business.

What are the benefits of having an Additional HubSpot Portal?

An Additional HubSpot Portal allows marketers to separate out reporting, analytics and branding for multiple company segments in a scalable and streamlined way; allowing customers to keep business segments separate, while still using the same marketing platform with the same UI.

Your Additional HubSpot Portal will be managed by your HubSpot CSM, who already knows all strategic and technical nuances of your company. This will make for a seamless transition and make sure your Additional Portal is aligned with the goals of your business.

Managing multiple brands?

Keep your email, branding, reporting and analytics separate

Running a global business?

Country specific data will remain separate for easy reporting and performance reviews

Hosting an event or conference?

Keep event contacts separate from your main business database and easily send event branded emails

Acquiring a new company?

Make the transistion smooth while still tracking and measuring ROI accurately

Using multiple CRM systems?

Keep your contact databases separate and organized

Managing multiple website domains?

Accurately measure the effectiveness of each domain

Need separate analytics reporting?

Having separate databases will allow you to get more granular data on ROI

Have multiple branches?

Accurately compare and contrast the performance of each

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Additional HubSpot Portal Customer Success Stories

"Our company has several different branches all hosted on separate website domains. One awesome benefit of an Additional HubSpot Portal is that the data we gather from each brand is separated out over the different domains and we can still access it under one login."

Harry Picken

Marketing Officer

The Careers Group

"Our business has two different companies owned by the same entrepreneur but managed on two different websites. With an Additional HubSpot Portal we are able to share templates (just adjusting brand colors) as well as integration expertise (Eventbrite, GotoWebinar, Zapier, Wistia, BrightInfo, etc). A lot goes into making those look right on all devices and reusing that work a second time (with just brand and color changes) is a big expense savings. I also like the fact I can switch portals without having to re-login - it is a good time saver!"

Nicole Yager

Director of Marketing


"The two portals that I manage are two separate companies under one parent company. I love that I’m able to have one portal geared toward contractors and the other is geared toward homeowners. It’s truly awesome to be able to separate out personas and content all while still using HubSpot."

Jessica Panicucci

Marketing Coordinator

Braen Stone