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Join us in Sydney for our first annual APAC Partner Day

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Sorry, this event took place on June 14, 2018. See you in 2019!

What is APAC Partner Day?

APAC Partner Day is an exclusive in-person event for our top agency partners. It's the one time of year (outside of INBOUND) that we are able to fully immerse our partners in HubSpot's culture, product, and the broader partner community. For the first time, in 2018 we will host an event for our APAC based partners. 

The agenda features HubSpot product engineers and marketers, HubSpot executives, agency experts, and partners themselves. We utilise APAC Partner Day to sneak peek products features and enhancements, and to train partners on how they can package and sell their services and how to grow and scale their agency.

Why should I attend?

  • It's where I get a more personal experience with HubSpot. I love getting a behind the scenes look at all of HubSpot's innovations.

    Lindsay Kelley

    President & Co-founder


  • If you are a HubSpot Partner you have to be here. You will learn loads of things and come out with great ideas. It almost felt like a mini-Inbound event just for Partners.

    Eric Murphy

    Co-Founder, Inbound Strategist


Agenda & Session Descriptions

Check out the detailed session descriptions below or download a PDF of the agenda.

  • June 14 Morning
  • June 14 Afternoon

June 14 Morning

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June 14 Afternoon

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Session Descriptions

  • The Future of HubSpot

    Join HubSpot International Managing Director, Jeetu Mahtani and learn where the industry is headed, and get a first look into how HubSpot is evolving to address the market trends.

    HubSpot Product Keynote

    Join Michael Redbord as he shares what's on the horizon for the HubSpot product, as well as what we're making available in your portal this Partner Day. You'll gain insight into the new tools being built to make it easier for marketers, salespeople, customer service representatives, and business owners (like you!) to drive growth in 2018.

    HubSpot as a Platform: 3 Big Opportunities for Agencies

    HubSpot is evolving to become a platform — a flexible foundation around which organizations like yours can tailor their entire digital "front office." This next wave of innovation offers three opportunities for agencies:

    1. Using our integrations to provide more specialized solutions to clients and wrap new service offerings around them.
    2. Developing custom apps and integrations for specific client use cases.
    3. Creating your own products on our platform — bottling your experience and insight into apps that can be sold to other HubSpot customers.

    Helping you and your clients grow better

    Consumer behavior is shifting dramatically so HubSpot is evolving with the launch of Service Hub and App Hub. But what does this mean for our global partner community? HubSpot’s Sales Director, David Shepherd, will highlight the best ways to take advantage of the opportunity right now by expanding your service offerings and being first to market.

    HubSpot Executive Q&A Panel

    Have you always had a burning question about how HubSpot has scaled its operating system? Or our best practices for servicing customers? Now’s your opportunity to ask. Join our cross-functional panel of HubSpot executives as they answer your questions.

  • A Conversational Approach to Inbound: An Introduction to Conversations and Conversational Strategy

    Developing a conversational strategy the inbound way is about more than live chat and chatbots. It’s about building a cohesive, omnichannel experience that enables the development of personal, one-to-one relationships at scale -- without increasing human capital. In this session, you'll learn how HubSpot is changing the game with conversations, the newest feature of HubSpot CRM.

    Service Hub: A look inside HubSpot's next great product line

    Michael Redbord has spent the last 5 years growing HubSpot support, scaling solutions, and solving for the customer. He's now leading the charge for HubSpot's next product line - Service Hub. He'll share the inbound service framework he's developed, a deep dive into the new Service Hub product, and why now is the time to put the customer at the center of your business.

    Turning the Growth Stack into Green Stacks: How to Land Larger Retainers by Offering Sales Services

    Have you thought about expanding your service offerings to include sales, but haven't quite made the jump? If so, this session is for you. We'll cover how to sell, price and package sales services as an extension of your marketing services. You're already helping your clients generate qualified leads, now learn the framework and new HubSpot tools that will close those leads at a higher rate.

    Marketing Hub 2.0: Refined, Modernized, and Set to Supercharge Your Growth

    Join us for an in-depth walkthrough of how far the Marketing Hub has come, and what's coming next that will help you, and your clients, supercharge your growth in 2018 and beyond.

    Agency Unfiltered: Partner Day Edition

    Agency owners, we know you crave more advice about running your businesses. Great news: we happen to know a number of experts with firsthand know-how of scaling an agency. Hint: they're attending Partner Day too. We’re bringing our monthly Agency Unfiltered Facebook series to you in-person! Join this partner-led panel to hear tips on topics like: process development, sourcing and hiring talent, team building, financial planning, specialization and more -- from the experts who know it best your agency peers.

  • What They Never Taught You About Growing An Agency

    Starting a digital agency is easy, but they don’t tell you about the bumps in the road, the challenges you’re going to face, and how to lean in and push through them. Join us as Bob Ruffolo, CEO of IMPACT, provides lessons he’s learned for his early days of growing a powerhouse agency.

    Fireside Chat with North America's 2017 Partner of the Year

    Interested in hearing two CEOs share their secret sauce? Adam Steinhardt, CEO The Kingdom will moderate a discussion with  Bob Ruffolo, CEO of IMPACT and North America’s 2017 Partner of the Year. Bob will answer all your burning questions -- from how to maintain growth, creating a vision for your agency to pricing advice and delivering an ROI for your clients.

    Cracking the Code to Partner Growth

    In this session, HubSpot’s 2016 APAC Partner of the Year will share their growth model strategy that’s seen them build a national presence across Australia, move into Malaysia and India, and put plans in place for the US. From their unique ‘strategic’ sales approach to their Agile delivery of projects, in-house dev shop to PR machine – BrandManager will reveal their code to partner growth.

    The power of focus: concentrating on a niche to accelerate your agency's growth

    Concentrate's directors Owen Scott and Greg Williamson will take you through the story of how they built an agency focused on the technology sector, and the benefits and challenges of this approach. They will also cover how HubSpot has helped enabled this growth and allowed Concentrate to broaden their service offering.

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