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Scaling eCommerce Businesses: MakeWebBetter's Impact on the HubSpot Ecosystem

MakeWebBetter is on a global mission to bolster business scalability. They have serviced over 17,500 users with their eCommerce integrations, helping them reach the Elite tier as a solutions partner.
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Scale with HubSpot

Navigating eCommerce Success: MakeWebBetter's Impact in the HubSpot Ecosystem

MakeWebBetter is a HubSpot Elite solutions partner that specializes in eCommerce and building HubSpot apps. Since 2017, they have been deeply rooted in the HubSpot ecosystem. Their mission is to optimize eCommerce businesses by harnessing and extending HubSpot’s automation capabilities.

MakeWebBetter facilitates its clients’ success by maximizing the potential of the HubSpot platform. They published their first app in 2017, and today, their suite includes 7 apps, focused on prominent eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopline.

These applications have empowered global clients to grow effectively with HubSpot, bolstered by MakeWebBetter’s onboarding and management services. 


Client-Centric Approach and Partnership with HubSpot 

MakeWebBetter’s first app was between WooCommerce and HubSpot. Six years later, their WooCommerce integration has over 10,000 installs and allows for the ability to sync WooCommerce users, orders, and product data over HubSpot automatically. One reviewer wrote, “The overall experience has been fantastic with this plug-in.”

While delivering remarkable customer experiences, MakeWebBetter’s partnership with HubSpot has allowed them to successfully extend HubSpot’s suite of tools. This has accelerated both their customer acquisition and retention.

By leveraging HubSpot's APIs to build apps that use dynamic properties, workflows, and segmentation, MakeWebBetter learned a pivotal lesson: small-scale automation can have a profound impact on business results. Implementing automation such as welcome workflows, feedback surveys, and personalized content delivery creates efficiencies and better results for their clients.

For example, another positive review on their WooCommerce integration highlights the app's excellent support in automating processes for their sales team.

Overall, MakeWebBetter boasts over 500 reviews across their apps. Providing effective automation has become a driving force in their commitment to streamlining and optimizing business processes for their clients. 

"Data is a goldmine for eCommerce businesses. However, most brands still don't capitalize on it. Eventually, they lose potential clients, sales, revenue, and a lasting relationship. One of the reasons behind this is, not having automation setup in their store. 41% of companies don't use marketing automation. That's why we're on a mission to arm them with our automation tools so they can unlock their door to a streamlined and successful business."

- Abhishek Jaiswal, Co-founder, MakeWebBetter


Milestones and Achievements

One year after becoming a HubSpot partner, MakeWebBetter's HubSpot-WooCommerce integration achieved over 1,000 installs. 

By 2019, MakeWebBetter gained recognition as a HubSpot Rising Star at INBOUND indicating their growth as a tech enabler. Their expansion was notable, solidifying their position as one of the fastest-growing HubSpot agencies, driven by a growing number of app installations. 

In 2020, MakeWebBetter developed its Magento integration. From there, they reached the Gold tier as a HubSpot solutions partner. That same year they were acknowledged as a HubSpot Community Champion during INBOUND.

Continuing on this trajectory in 2021, MakeWebBetter officially launched their HubSpot integration for Magento, which enables real-time, auto-syncing of Magento customer data, orders, and product details into HubSpot, in addition to abandoned cart recovery. 

This propelled them to earn the HubSpot Platinum solutions partner tier. The stride continued in terms of app development with the launch of FormPay, which allows users to receive payments in the HubSpot CRM.

By 2023, MakeWebBetter’s HubSpot apps reached and benefited over 17,500 customers, and MakeWebBetter reached HubSpot’s highest solutions partner tier, Elite.

These milestones reflect their commitment to impactful solutions and services for eCommerce customers in the HubSpot ecosystem.

It also highlights how providing both apps and services to customers enables agencies to provide an exceptional customer experience in a more efficient manner.

MakeWebBetter does not have to build a custom integration for each customer as they can often implement one of their apps.

As the app builder, they also know it best and understand how to easily and effectively implement it for a customer. 

In addition, MakeWebBetter app customers purchase services and services customers purchase apps, lowering MakeWebBetter's customer acquisition costs.    


Why Build eCommerce Apps for HubSpot's Marketplace?  

Overall, MakeWebBetter’s proficiency in streamlining eCommerce operations through integrations and automation has contributed to its success as a solutions partner and app builder for HubSpot’s ecosystem.

This strategic move has allowed them to contribute directly to the growth of our joint customers, while simultaneously expanding their reach and influence within the HubSpot community.

Furthermore, MakeWebBetter prioritizes customer satisfaction with positive reviews across their 7 apps built for the HubSpot ecosystem.

40% of their revenue is derived from upselling services to existing app clients, a testament to their ability to meet the diverse needs and expectations of their clients through both apps and services. 



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Advice for Success

MakeWebBetter's Tips for Winning in the HubSpot Ecosystem


Have SMART goals

To succeed, you should have your SMART goals. They paint a clear picture of how, what, and when you want to achieve. Plus, SMART goals keep you motivated and shape your path toward success. Before setting up your SMART goals, make sure to analyze the industry benchmarks to avoid setting any unrealistic thresholds.



Keep all your team on the same page

Having your team on the same page makes your path to success a smooth ride. Make sure you convey the right message and goals to your team so they also work in the same direction you’re heading. When all your reps work for the same goal, silos go down, collaboration improves and your journey toward success gets shorter and smoother. It also pushes everyone to give their best.


Market research is the key to success

Before creating any app or software, conducting market research, surveys, and studies is a must. If you’re planning to create software, how much and what kind of audience is there for that product? Use prototypes to run proof of concepts and collect feedback on how the audience is receiving your product. This will make it easier for you to improve and give users what they really want.
Abhishek testimonial

As a HubSpot Elite solutions partner and app partner who uses Sales Hub Professional to run our business, we have the right infrastructure that helps us make time for all our sales leads. We are seeing results at an unprecedented pace to be on track for 60% growth.

Abhishek Jaiswal



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