Sales Enablement Award Winner

Watch the video to learn more about the incredible results BabelQuest was able to achieve for their client, IT innovators LAN3 through inbound marketing.

The Sales Enablement Award recognizes an agency that helped a client through the execution of sales enablement services, including HubSpot Sales.

LAN3 is one of the UK’s leading providers of Secure Infrastructure. Recognizing a shift in buyer behavior was happening, and that LAN3’s website and digital marketing had not adapted to it, LAN3 made the strategic decision to move towards inbound. They invited BabelQuest to implement HubSpot, provide guidance on inbound strategy, deliver marketing activity and engage with the sales team.

Within three months the BabelQuest team built an entirely new website on the HubSpot COS, crafted an inbound funnel with buyer-focused content, conversion paths and defined goals and put an automated sales enablement process and training in place for the sales team.

Integrating the marketing and sales activity provided an unprecedented amount of visibility into LAN3's pipeline. Within just five months of LAN3 deciding to start with inbound, their funnel was filled with ongoing content production and audience engagement at the top of the funnel, and sales closing opportunities at the bottom of the funnel.


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    Qualified opportunities in just 10 days

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    Return on investment

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    Opportunity pipeline


Babelquest is an inbound marketing and sales agency and HubSpot Gold Certified Partner, who work with businesses to build predictable, scaleable revenue growth.