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Business Units

Say goodbye to muddy swimlanes. With business units, you can confidently manage contacts, assets, and settings across multiple brands within HubSpot.
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Better Brand Management for Scaling Businesses

Business Units brings your brands together in one HubSpot account.

Now, you can run cross-sell and upsell campaigns to reach every segment of your audience, track contact interactions and communication preferences with each brand, and report on performance across your business, zooming in on each brand's results.
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Simplify Campaign Management

Running branded campaigns doesn’t have to involve hours of list building. With Business Units, you can delineate contacts by brand, or expand your target audience to run cross-sell and up-sell campaigns across your whole customer base. Easily separate assets, conversions, and reports with out-of-the-box CRM properties for Business Units.
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Always Effortlessly On Brand

Give your design team a break from sending and re-sending the same hex codes and logo files. With brand kits, you can organize design assets like logos and colors by business unit, making it easy to carry your individual brand identity across all campaign assets. 
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Easily Manage Subscriptions Across Business Units

Business Units allow you to manage and communicate across multiple brands, all in the same portal. You can also safely and easily view and manage subscription preferences by business unit, helping you keep your communications relevant and your customer experience exceptional.
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Declutter your Marketing Assets

Business units make it easy to get and stay organized, so you no longer need to rely on complex naming conventions or properties to make sense of your assets and campaigns. Categorize and filter web pages, landing pages, emails, forms, and blogs by business unit, so you always have the right asset on deck for each brand.

Business Units in HubSpot mean we can keep marketing teams and assets distinct and make our everyday work much more straightforward. We have branding and integrations enabled with Business Units which gives us great clarity, as each brand utilizes different logos and colors. We mark contacts and companies by Business Unit as well as forms which lets us know easily which of our brands a contact interacts with.

Elise Gabriele

Director, Digital Marketing Operations

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Not sure which option is best suited to manage and organize your brands?

Use this chart to choose between business units, domains, and multiple accounts/portals to manage and organize your brands.

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