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AI Landing Page Copy Generator

Create landing page copy for your next marketing campaign with HubSpot's free AI tool, Campaign Assistant.
Generate landing page copy
Campaign Assistant Generate Landing Page Copy

AI copywriting for landing pages

Writing landing pages can take hours and divert your attention away from tasks that need a human touch. Whether you're running a BoGo, holiday sale, or something in between, Campaign Assistant can create copy with just a few clicks.

Campaign Assistant will produce:

  • A page title
  • Subheadings
  • Paragraph copy

Simply provide it with a topic for your landing page, choose a tone of voice, and explain what your customers' call-to-action should be.

Campaign Assistant: Landing Page Creation

Create great landing page copy

The right copywriting can turn potential customers into avid fans of your brand. Campaign Assistant lightens the load of creating landing pages so you can focus on the big picture.

Generate landing page copy for free

What is an AI landing page builder?

An AI landing page builder is a tool that harnesses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality landing pages autonomously. It can create visually appealing, conversion-focused landing pages tailored to the specific needs and preferences of your target audience.

HubSpot's AI Landing Page Builder transforms your marketing campaign details into captivating landing pages that are curated to meet your campaign objectives. By automating the landing page creation process, it simplifies the design workflow and removes the complexity of manual page development and optimization tasks often associated with crafting landing pages. This tool is an ideal solution for businesses and marketers seeking to efficiently enhance their online presence and drive conversions seamlessly

How to use Campaign Assistant's landing page generator

Create a HubSpot account with Campaign Assistant

Step 1: Sign up to create a landing page

Begin by navigating to HubSpot's Campaign Assistant tool. If you're not already a HubSpot user, you'll create a free account. Otherwise, you can sign in to your existing account.

This access not only initiates the tool but also unlocks a comprehensive suite of marketing tools designed to streamline your campaigns.

Generate a landing page with AI

Step 2: Generate landing page copy and customize content with AI

Next, generate your landing page copy by providing Campaign Assistant with the necessary information:
  • The topic of your landing page
  • Your desired tone of voice
  • A call-to-action for your customers

The AI-powered tool then crafts a page title, subheadings, and paragraph copy, providing you with a structured landing page to maximize your performance.

Review and publish your landing page

Step 3: Review and publish your landing pages

After the copy is generated, it's crucial to review the content to ensure it aligns with your brand voice and message. Make any necessary adjustments or refinements to perfect it.

Once satisfied, proceed to publish your landing page directly through HubSpot, or copy the content to use in another platform.

Generate landing page copy for free


Benefits of HubSpot's AI landing page generator

HubSpot's Campaign Assistant utilizes AI to revolutionize landing page creation, offering businesses a powerful tool to amplify their online engagement, connect authentically with audiences, and drive more conversions. Here’s how Campaign Assistant’s landing page generator stands out:

Quick and efficient creation

With HubSpot's AI capabilities, Campaign Assistant transforms landing page creation. You no longer need to invest hours or even days in development. The AI quickly generates content based on information provided, allowing you to launch professional-grade landing pages that target your audience faster than ever.

No technical skills required

HubSpot’s landing page generator doesn't require you to be a seasoned writer or marketer. Its intelligence is designed to support everyone. With your direction, it can supply ready-to-use landing page copy, simplifying the process of crafting content that speaks to your audience's needs and desires.

Seamless integration and insightful analytics

HubSpot's Campaign Assistant doesn't stop at page creation. The tool can spin up a pre-formatted landing page for you within a few seconds.

Campaign Assistant integrates smoothly with the broader suite of HubSpot's free marketing tools for a unified campaign approach. HubSpot landing pages are equipped with in-depth analytics to track your page performance, providing valuable insights for ongoing strategy refinement.

Conversion-driven results

Campaign Assistant is programmed with conversion optimization best practices in mind. It guides users to create landing pages that don't just attract visitors but actively encourage them to take meaningful actions, such as signing up or making a purchase.

By leveraging Campaign Assistant's AI landing page generator, businesses can more effectively reach and engage their target audience, save time and resources, and enhance their overall marketing strategies, leading to better conversion rates and improved ROI.

Tips for making the most of HubSpot's AI landing page builder

To fully maximize the capabilities of the AI landing page builder, it's essential to employ it strategically. Here are some useful tips with examples to guide you in optimizing the effectiveness of this tool:

Provide specific inputs

When supplying detailed information through the AI landing page builder, you allow it to craft highly focused and relevant landing pages tailored to your specific products or services. For example, if your company specializes in eco-friendly office supplies, inputting specifics like "sustainable office stationery" or "eco-friendly office essentials" instead of generic terms like "office supplies" can result in more targeted and engaging AI-generated landing pages.

Define your target audience and objectives

Clearly outlining your target audience and desired actions can significantly impact the success of your AI-generated landing pages. For instance, if you run a stationery store and aim to attract environmentally conscious businesses, framing your objective as "Inspire eco-conscious businesses to adopt sustainable stationery" can help the AI builder create personalized content that resonates better with your audience.

Experiment with different tones

Explore variations in tone when creating your landing page content. For instance, a B2B software company targeting a professional audience may benefit from an informative and formal tone. On the other hand, if the same company is reaching out to startups or younger entrepreneurs, a more casual and engaging tone could be more effective. Adapting the tone of your AI-generated landing pages to match your audience's preferences can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Regularly update your keywords

Staying abreast of keyword trends is crucial for maintaining the relevance of your AI-generated landing pages. Incorporating trending terms related to your industry, such as "remote work software" or "artificial intelligence," can enhance the visibility and impact of your pages. For example, a company selling health supplements may transition from using keywords like "natural supplements" to "immune-boosting supplements" during periods when health and immunity are top priorities for consumers.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Landing page copy is the written text that you include on your landing page to explain relevant points about a product, service, or a topic that you're an expert in. 

  • Copywriting for your landing pages can take significant amounts of time. Utilizing an AI-powered landing page copy creator, you can have text generated for you. This way you can spend time editing or working on a completely different aspect of your marketing campaign. 

  • Campaign Assistant is HubSpot's AI-powered tool that allows you to create landing page copy, marketing email copy, and ad copy for your next marketing campaign. You provide information about your campaign, choose a tone of voice that resonates with your brand, and select which type of asset you want to generate, and the tool will produce either a landing page, email, or ad. 

  • You can start using Campaign Assistant in Public Beta by clicking the "Generate landing page copy" buttons on this page. You'll be directed to the tool from these buttons.

    Once in the tool, you'll create a HubSpot account or login to your existing HubSpot account. This will allow you to utilize Campaign Assistant's AI.