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Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights Becomes More Nimble with HubSpot

See how an enterprise company was able to improve the the efficiency of their marketing team. See how an enterprise company was able to improve the the efficiency of their marketing team.
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Adaptive Insights Becomes More Nimble with HubSpot

See how an enterprise company was able to improve the the efficiency of their marketing team.

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Increasing Agility with HubSpot

Adaptive Insights Becomes More Nimble with HubSpot

How would you describe Adaptive Insights?

Adaptive insights makes software that helps teams collaborate and improve their planning and forecasting processes. We have about 500 employees worldwide and on the marketing team we have about 30 employees.


What is your role at Adaptive Insights?

At a Adaptive Insights I manage two different teams: the marketing operations team and the demand gen web team.


What were you using before HubSpot?

When I joined the company we were using Eloqua for our Marketing Automation. The problem with Eloqua is that it's very difficult to use. We had multiple bottlenecks and more importantly it created a lot of repetitive work. It centralized marketing in the hands of a few specialists as opposed to empowering everyone in marketing to run their own campaigns and scale. We had a very limited set of experts who were the ones allowed to use the software and the rest of marketing was really dependent on those people to execute all of their campaigns. As a result of that we had bottlenecks and emails were slow to produce and campaigns were not very agile.


What are your goals for your marketing team?

For me, it's really important that the entire marketing team is very engaged and that's especially true for my marketing operations team. I don't want them doing repetitive tasks over and over or punching keys and sending emails for everyone. I want them to spend their time doing analysis. I want them coming up with creative new ideas on how to improve the business, not just having to do the drudgery of filling out a template and pressing send.


How was implementing HubSpot?

Implementing HubSpot was really quick and easy. The team was very supportive and your Academy resources made it very simple for us to ramp implementation and be ready to use HubSpot right away.


What were some of your early successes with HubSpot?

We were able to grow leads on our website through personalization and progressive profiling and we were able to get our leads over to our sales team even more quickly. Also, we were able to move to self-service campaigns almost immediately and that freed up a lot of time for my team. It allowed the field marketers to be that much more agile with their campaigns.


What do you love about working at Adaptive Insights?

One of the things I love about working at Adaptive Insights is that we have very ambitious goals, and we are always looking to grow. We're the leader in our space, but continue to push ourselves and outpace the competition even further and that's great. Not only at a company level, but it also translates down to a team and individual level.

About Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights, a Workday Company, is a publicly held software as a service company (WDAY) headquartered in Palo Alto, California founded in 2003. Its Business Planning Cloud lets people in companies collaboratively plan, gain insights, and make smarter decisions faster.

Industry: Professional Services

Company Size: Enterprise 200+ employees

Location: United States

Software: Marketing

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