What is Co-marketing at HubSpot?

About the Program:

The co-marketing team at HubSpot works with companies and influencers to co-create valuable content for marketers. Through co-marketing, not only do we create educational and useful content for our audience, we also share the benefit and responsibilities that go along with creating, launching, promoting, and analyzing a marketing campaign. 

Every co-marketing campaign at HubSpot is considered a full campaign. This means all content will be promoted to various HubSpot marketing channels. It also means all HubSpot content requirements apply, including quality, logistics and campaign guidelines. Co-marketing projects cannot be previously created, or of low value to our audience. 

HubSpot creates a variety of offers from ebook and webinars, to tools and templates. Our main goal is to create educational content and materials that help marketers and sales reps do their jobs better. If you believe your team has expertise and the resources to work with HubSpot on a co-marketing campaign, please read through the requirements and apply below.

Co-marketing Requirements

What We're Looking For:

Before agreeing to take on a co-marketing project, we require the following:

  • Content follows HubSpot style guidelines and fits with the HubSpot voice.
  • Synergies among target audiences, goals, and company expertise exist between HubSpot and co-marketing partner.
  • Partner brings expertise not already present in the HubSpot content library.
  • Partner works with the HubSpot content team to co-create and co-brand content.
  • Content created is hosted on a HubSpot landing page, behind a co-created form for lead generation at the top of the funnel. 
  • Partners promote the co-created piece of content to generate equal volume of downloads.
  • Minimum download requirement is 2,000 downloads from each partner in first 30 days post-launch. 

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