Advisory Board

The HubSpot Advisory Board provides strategic guidance and honest feedback, identifies areas of improvement, and works on projects that further HubSpot’s mission to building an inclusive company that helps customers grow better. They’re a curated group of influencers and business leaders selected based on the core principles and values of HubSpot’s culture. We’d love for you to get to know them.

Jim O’Neill

Special Advisor

Jim O’Neill is a Special Advisor on the HubSpot management team.

Previously Jim served as HubSpot's Chief People Officer where he guided the company’s global recruitment, culture, and overall employee experience and happiness strategy. Before that Jim was HubSpot's CIO and a member of HubSpot's original management team. He helped design and build the company’s highly scalable cloud infrastructure to grow from fewer than 10 employees and a handful of customers to over 1,300 employees and 19,000 customers. Previously, Jim served as CIO, CTO, and other operational and engineering in high tech companies.

Jim was named CIO of the Year by the Boston Business Journal in 2015, sits on the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Council of Strategic Advisors (where he holds a BSEE from), and frequently speaks at Industry conferences on cloud computing and digitally driven workforces and modern company cultures.

Outside of HubSpot, Jim is an active angel investor and advisor for a number of tech companies and is currently passionate about learning and building green-tech, zero energy footprint, and sustainable homes.