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HubSpot Customer Reviews

We're a customer-first company, so we take their word above all others. We're grateful to our customers whose votes have garnered awards for the HubSpot platform on Gartner Peer Insights, G2, TrustRadius & more.


Customer’s Choice for CRM Lead Management on Gartner Peer Insights: HubSpot CRM

Voted Best CRM Lead Management Software in 2023 by HubSpot customers.

Global Software_G2 Best of

#1 Best Global Software Company on G2: All Hubs

Voted #1 in G2's 2023 Best Global Software Company by HubSpot customers.

TrustRadius Top Rated 2022

Ranked #3 in Marketing Automation Software category on TrustRadius: Marketing Hub

Voted #3 in 2022 Top Rated for Marketing Automation Products by HubSpot customers.

HubSpot CRM

750,000+ customers use the HubSpot CRM weekly to power their campaigns and communications, providing the context they need to seamlessly organize, track, and nurture relationships with their leads and customers.

High Performer_G2_Fall_2023

High Performer for AI Sales Assistant Enterprise on G2: AI Sales Assistant

#5 for High Performer Enterprise for AI Sales Assistant, as reviewed by HubSpot customers.


Top Leader in CRM category on G2: HubSpot CRM

#2 for Small Business
#2 for Mid-Market
#3 for Enterprise

Untitled design-Feb-23-2023-07-44-36-5156-PM

Ranked #3 in Best Feature set for CRM category on TrustRadius: HubSpot CRM

#3 in Best Feature set 2023 for CRM Software category, as reviewed by HubSpot customers.

If you are contemplating HubSpot as your CRM, stop thinking about it and do it. We were a Salesforce-heavy organization and recently made the switch to HubSpot’s Sales Hub Enterprise. It’s an out-of-the-box solution that’s easy to use and intuitive, while also offering powerful automation tools and robust reporting. With HubSpot, we can see the complete lifecycle of a customer from lead to close, and our teams can own the customizations needed to get their job done. We have had 100% user adoption and couldn’t be happier.

Marketing Hub

Tens of thousands of customers are using HubSpot Marketing Hub to connect the dots between all their marketing efforts and design a seamless customer experience.

Marketing Products_G2 Best of

Ranked #1 in for Best Marketing Products category on G2: Marketing Hub

Voted #1 for Best of Marketing and Digital Advertising products by HubSpot customers.


Voted #1 Best Results for Enterprise customers on G2: Marketing Hub

Voted #1 Best Results for Marketing Analytics, Marketing Automation, Attribution, Social Media Advertising, Account-Based Web and Content Experience & Landing Page Builders by HubSpot customers

TrustRadius Top Rated 2022

#3 in Marketing Automation on TrustRadius: Marketing Hub

Voted #3 in Marketing Automation by HubSpot customers

Where We Rank Among Competitors on G2

We're in the Gartner Magic Quadrant!

We chose HubSpot as our marketing automation system because our team was scaling quickly, and it's intuitive and easy to integrate HubSpot with our data and marketing tech stack. Using HubSpot with Netlify to run our web infrastructure is a highly performant and powerful combination.

Sales Hub

The HubSpot Sales Hub is empowering sales team with the information and tools they need to help prospects when, where, and how they need it -- so they spend less time on manual work, and more time selling.

TrustRadius Most Loved 2023

Named a Most Loved product on TrustRadius: Sales Hub

Voted Most Loved by HubSpot customers.

Sales Products G2 Badge

#1 in Sales Products on G2: Sales Hub

Voted #1 on G2's 2023 Best Software Sales Products by HubSpot customers.

TrustRadius 2023 (1)

#1 in Sales Email Tracking category in TrustRadius: Sales Hub

#1 for Best Relationship
#1 for Best Value for Price
#1 for Best Feature Set

As the global leader in online social fundraising, GoFundMe Charity helps nonprofits raise funds for important causes. Sales Hub Enterprise has allowed our team to reduce the volume of manual work in their roles, automate the onboarding experience for our new platform users, and dedicate more time to understanding the needs of the nonprofits we serve. The reporting tools are powerful, and help us make informed decisions to increasingly provide value to our nonprofits.

Service Hub

Service Hub helps you build a better customer experience, create self-service solutions, and grow through customer success. With Service Hub, agents stay organized, have happier customers, and can easily report on customers needs.


#1 in Customer Success on G2: Service Hub

#1 for Small Business
#1 for Mid Market
#2 for Enterprise

Service Products_G2 Best of

#4 in Customer Service Products on G2: Service Hub

Voted #4 on G2's 2023 Best Customer Service Products by HubSpot customers.

Service Hub Is the Leader in Customer Service

  • 1518658080088
    The move [to Service Hub] gives us the visibility we were missing and helps us distribute the work more efficiently among teams...we created [a new approach] to take the pressure off our support team. HubSpot gave us the flexibility to make these kinds of changes on the fly and navigate everything smoothly.
  • Doug Dotts
    A clear view of what tickets are a priority, so we can handle the big issues first while sprinkling in some smaller issues, has had a direct impact on our team’s results. In the tracking in Service Hub, we’ve seen a rise and normalization of customer engagement scores and a steady decrease over time in ticket volume. Overall we’re just operating at a higher level.
  • MMLJ-1
    Whenever somebody calls in, our tech support creates a ticket so we can track issues. If we see a lot of people having the same problem, that would be a red flag to us, and maybe we need to make an article about that.
  • Christie Pearson
    How do we do self-service and not lose that piece we are known for, personalized service? Our hypothesis is that creating self-service options gives us more time to be out riding with customers and building programs that will benefit them and make their experience great.

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